Not a lot of certainty regarding the outlook for Jordan Matthews. A year ago, coming off an 85-catch, 997-yard 8 TD season, he looked like a possible top-20 wideout. A year later, coming off 73-804-3, things are a lot less clear.

The Eagles added Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith in free agency. They've got a couple of good pass-catching running backs and one of the league's better tight ends (and viable No. 2 receiving tight ends). Now Matthews is missing practice at OTAs due to knee tendinitis. It's early June so who cares, but there's not a lot to go on to think that Matthews is headed for a 1,000-yard season.

Adding to the intrigue is that Matthews is in a contract year. He was rumored to be on the trading block in April and May. That might just have been speculation with the Eagles having signed other wideouts, but where there's smoke, there's usually fire.

In the Experts Draft for the magazine, Matthews was selected at the end of the ninth round -- six full rounds after Jeffery. He was the 47th wide receiver drafted in a three-start league, so not even a fantasy starter. At least he was selected before Smith (17th round).

So we'll see. The trade talk may continue to crop up, especially once he's healthy, and once training camp gets closer and teams see what they have or don't have at the position. Maybe he winds up in Baltimore. Either way, doesn't seem to be a player anyone should expect big things from in 2017.

--Andy Richardson