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Sending Fantasy Football Index to correctional facilities

We deliver the ink-on-paper Fantasy Football Index magazine to people who are incarcerated.

However, our newsletter products cannot be delivered to incarcerated persons.

Requirements for delivering Fantasy Football Index magazine to correctional facilities: Orders must include the recipient's offender identification number in the last-name field, immediately after the last name. You have four lines to work with on the label, and you must use your best judgment when determining how to use those four lines.

Line 1: First Name / Last Name and Offender Identification Number
Line 2: First line of address
Line 3: Second line of address
Line 4: City, State, Zip Code

Problems with delivery. If you place an order on behalf of the inmate but you've made a mistake that causes the magazine to not be delivered -- for instance, if you forget to include the offender number, or if you put the offender number on the wrong line, or if you provide an incorrect delivery address, or if the inmate is moved to another facility before his magazine is delivered -- then we will resend a replacement copy at your expense. We will require you to pay the postage and actual cost for the replacement copy. You will be asked to purchase a gift certificate for that amount. You must then notify us and ask us to ship the replacement copy.

Orders requiring special envelopes. Some correctional facilities, particularly in the state of Utah (though there may be others) forbid delivery in manila envelopes. If you fail to notify us of this requirement before we ship your order, then we will charge you our actual cost to send a replacement copy, as explained above.

Rejected and undelivered mail. We send mail to inmates in correctional facilities every day, and nearly all of the mail is delivered quickly and without incident. However, we encounter a disproportionate number of problems with mail to inmates. In a small number of cases -- we suspect it's somewhere between 5 and 10 percent -- the mail simply goes missing. Sometimes our mail is arbitrarily rejected because whoever is screening mail at the correctional facility woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Rejected mail typically is not returned to us, even though we've paid first class postage (which means they could simply write "return to sender" on the envelope, but they usually don't bother.) These reasons for non-delivery are beyond our control. Therefore, when mail sent to a correctional facility goes missing, we will charge you our actual expense (printing, postage, packaging, labeling and labor) to send a replacement copy.