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Who invented fantasy football?

Fantasy Football was first played in 1963. It was the brainchild of Bill Winkenbach, an Oakland, Calif. entrepreneur who for many years organized sports pools. The first league, called GOPPPL (Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prediction League) was composed of heavy hitters in the orbit of the AFL's Oakland Raiders. That first league included two people who assembled real-life NFL championship teams: Scotty Stirling (Oakland, Super Bowl II), and Pro Football Hall Of Famer Ron Wolf (Green Bay, Super Bowl XXXI).

The Birth of Fantasy Football. This article appeared in the 1994 edition of Fantasy Football Index and includes first-hand accounts from many participants in the first fantasy sports draft in 1963.

Draft board and rules from the first fantasy football draft in 1963. (PDF format)

The Founders look back on the 50th year of fantasy football. More recollections from Andy Mousalimas, Scotty Stirling and George Ross. Published in the Year 2012 edition of Fantasy Football Index on the eve of the 50th season of fantasy football.

Andy Mousalimas interview transcript, 2012. Full-length transcript of the interview for the 2012 column. Andy shares details on the first fantasy draft in 1963, and how the game evolved through the years. Andy shared so much detail that wouldn't fit into the 50th anniversary column, and it's fascinating.

Andy Mousalimas obituary. In addition to helping popularize fantasy football through his Oakland tavern (the King's X), Andy was also a World War II hero.

Coming in the future: Transcripts of 2012 interviews with George Ross and Scotty Stirling.

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