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When I try to look at my update online, I get thrown back to the login page. Why?

Your browser must accept cookies in order for you to view Fantasy Index updates on the web. If your browser is set to refuse cookies, then you're out of luck. If cookies are disabled, then you'll bounce back to the login page after clicking on a product.

Click here for information on configuring your web browser to accept cookies.

I can't get the downloadable Acrobat file to work. I'm a paying subscriber. What's the deal?

Please visit our Acrobat Help for extensive download technical support.

What is my password?

Certain areas of the web site are accessible for FREE to anyone who's bought the current Fantasy Index. These areas include the Internet Extra, projected stats, projected auction dollar values, etc. If we don't have any record of you in our database (because you haven't bought anything online from us before), after you correctly answer a question whose answer you'll find in the current magazine, you will be asked to enter your email address -- that's your user name -- and a password. The password can be whatever you want.

If you have bought something from us before, the default password is your zip code. You can change your password by logging in at and then clicking the "update customer info" button.

If you've forgotten your password, you can retrieve it from this web page:

I requested my password, but it wasn't e-mailed to me.

Please visit our e-mail technical support page and scroll down to the section on common causes of e-mail delivery problems.

I can't find the Internet Extra.

Look at all the links in the "Toolbox" section of our site

NOTE: The free update is normally posted around the fourth Friday of July.

You can also find auction values and projected stats in the Toolbox.

Which bricks-and-mortar stores carry Fantasy Football Index?

We are authorized for distribution into Barnes & Noble, Waldenbooks, B.Dalton, Books-a-Million, Wal-Mart, Albertsons and Safeway, among others. That doesn't mean you'll necessary find us in those stores. It means only that local wholesalers are allowed to put copies there if they see fit. Copies sell out especially quickly in the book chains. The best place to find Fantasy Football Index is usually an independent newsstand that sells out-of-town newspapers.

If you're having trouble locating a copy, order direct from us, either [on the web] ( or by calling us at 206-527-4444. We'll ship your copy on the same business day. Fantasy Football Index is sent by U.S. Postal Service First Class Mail (3-4 day business service in the continental U.S.). If you had trouble finding Fantasy Index at newsstands this year, then be sure to pre-order next year's edition directly from us. You'll probably have trouble again next year, so why not receive your copy direct from the printer?

Where's my magazine? I ordered a long time ago.

If you suspect delivery has been fouled up, either by us or by the Postal Service, then please let us know by phone (206-527-4444) or by e-mail ( We want you to receive your copy as quickly as possible.

If you order our annual draft guide before our press date, then we'll mail to you directly from the printing plant.

Order Fantasy Football Index before June 10 for delivery approximately July 1. Orders placed between June 10 and July 10 may be postmarked as late as July 10. Orders after July 10 are shipped same-business-day by first-class mail. Your copy should arrive 3-4 business days after it goes into the U.S. mail.

I'm a SuperFanatic newsletter subscriber, but I haven't received my copy of Fantasy Football Index in the mail.

The football SuperFanatic package does NOT include the Fantasy Football Index draft annual. The magazine must be ordered separately. If you did order the magazine separately and it hasn't arrived, then call us at 206-527-4444 or e-mail us at

How does Fantasy Index ship orders?

Within the United States, Fantasy Football Index is sent by First-Class mail (delivery in 3-4 business days in the continental U.S. Bulk orders may be shipped by United Parcel Service, Fedex Freight, or RPS at no additional charge to the customer. International orders require additional postage are shipped by ground or air at the customer's discretion.

Additional charges usually apply for international service.

When will you update the Internet Extra, auction values, depth charts, etc.?

After we post free stuff in the preseason, we don't update it.

I ordered on your website, but I received an error message that said my credit/debit card didn't go through. Why?

Whenever you get a payment card error, you will get fastest service if you call us at 206-527-4444. Or, if you are certain your card was declined, then you can try to order again using a different credit card.

If you didn't find the answer to your question here, you can send us e-mail or call us at 206-527-4444.