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Pandemic refund policy

We have instituted the following refund policy in case the season is interrupted due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic:

All magazine sales are final. No refunds will be issued for physical products.

Internet subscriptions
What happens if the start of the season is delayed? If the start of the season is delayed, then we will continue publishing our paid preseason Fantasy Index Cheat Sheet Updates until the season begins, and we will continue sending those at no additional charge to people who have purchased an all-inclusive preseason subscription package or the SuperFanatic package.

What if the NFL season is interrupted or shut down? If NFL operations are temporarily shut down during the season, then we may choose to temporarily suspend paid newsletter subscriptions, resuming delivery when league activities (i.e. practices and games) resume.

If the NFL season is terminated before 12 game weeks have been completed, then we will provide subscribers with credit to be used in the future. If the season terminates before the 12th week of games is complete, then we will issue gift certificates for an amount proportional to the unfulfilled portion of the subscription. As an example, imagine that our publication schedule promises that a SuperFanatic subscription will include 65 issues for the season, but the NFL cancels the remainder of the season after the subscriber has received 31 issues. In such a case, we would issue a Fantasy Index gift certificate for 34/65ths of the purchase price.

After Week 13 of the NFL season begins, Fantasy Index will consider that a complete season from a subscription standpoint -- which is to say, if the NFL cancels the remainder of the season in Week 13 or later, we call that a full fantasy season and we won't issue credit to subscribers for the following year.

Our Terms and Conditions allow us some leeway to use our common sense about decisions. As a make-believe example, imagine that all teams play a full 16-game season except the three California teams (pretend the governor of California shuts down the state and few games can't be made up.) Our Terms And Conditions allow us to use our reasonable judgment; in this hypothetical case, we would choose to call it a full season even if the California teams played fewer than 12 games.

Basically, we're asking you to trust us to be fair, and to understand that this has the potential to be a strange year for all of us. Fantasy Index has published continuously since 1987. We are playing the long game. We aren't looking to hustle you. We want you to be happy and come back next year with a smile on your face.

If you have specific questions that aren't answered by this e-mail message or in our Terms and Conditions, then please contact us at

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