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Around the NFL: Eric Ebron

I see that the Colts are talking up Eric Ebron. They signed him to a two-year deal worth $13 million, and they like what they’ve seen so far.   more »


Around the NFL: Packers running backs

Green Bay had three different running backs with some fantasy appeal at various points last year. Those players return in 2018, and early indications are a probable headache for fantasy teams. Might be tough to extract much value out of any one of them this season.   more »


Trivia: June 19, 2018

Who’s the only player who’s won rushing titles with two different franchises? answer »


Around the NFL: Detroit receivers

Are the Lions sitting on the league’s next breakout receiver? Golden Tate and Marvin Jones are both really good, but Kenny Golladay looks like he might soon join them.   more »


Andy Richardson: Deep dynasty adds

In dynasty leagues with open waiver wires, offseason is a relative term. On any given day I can scour the free agent listings to see if there's one player out there who can make my 26-player roster better. Here are the 10 players available in my league, but who -- if the mood strikes me -- can join the good fight.   more »


Trivia: June 18, 2018

What is the only current team that has a winning record all-time but has not won a Super Bowl? answer »


Fantasy News: Fanex Analysis Draft

In a typical draft, you end up with a mix of players you were targeting all along – guys you’ll be picking on most of your teams. And you get some players that are dictated by draft position. I’ve gotten a mixture of both in the early rounds of the Fanex Analysis Draft.  more »


Factoid: Indianapolis Colts

Every day seems to bring a new rosy story about an Indianapolis Colts running back. Marlon Mack was affected by a shoulder injury last year. Fifth-rounder Jordan Wilkins is getting first-team reps. The team has big offensive plans for fourth-rounder Nyheim Hines. And my favorite: Robert Turbin is an important piece!  more »


Trivia: June 17, 2018

Name the only three teams to win Super Bowls after winning three playoff games on the road. All come from this century. answer »

Around the NFL: Denver tight ends

The tight end position looks thinner than usual this year. There don’t seem to be enough good ones to go around. With that in mind, Jake Butt looks like he’s worth a late-round pick.  more »


Factoid: D.J. Moore

D.J. Moore was the first wide receiver drafted, Carolina's first-round pick in April. Initial reports from practices are favorable, and certainly the opportunity for him to start right away is there. But anyone counting on him in early fantasy drafts should remember it's rare that such rookies make a big impact.   more »


Trivia: June 16, 2018

What kicking legend, now deceased, was the only player to lead the league in field goals five times? answer »


Around the NFL: Bye-bye Bryant?

The Raiders might have made the first colossal blunder of the offseason. A Las Vegas newspaper is reporting the team fears a suspension could be coming for wide receiver Martavis Bryant.  more »


Around the NFL: Antonio Gates

The Chargers are probably going to sign Antonio Gates to help fill the void from losing Hunter Henry. Philip Rivers wants them to, and GM Tom Telesco concedes he's been in contact with the veteran. He calls Gates a "natural fit," probably because he did after all spend his Hall of Fame career with them.   more »


Trivia: June 15, 2018

The Jets and Colts played in a Super Bowl, then competed in the same division together for years (the five-team AFC East). What were the three Super Bowls the did the same thing the other way around – two teams playing that previously had been in the same division together? answer »

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