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Around the NFL: Jamison Crowder

The probability of Elijah Moore ripping it up as a rookie has gone down. The Jets have gotten Jamison Crowder to agree to a pay cut, making it less likely that Moore will be starting on opening day.  more »

Around the NFL: Javonte Williams

Everyone gets excited about rookie running backs. We pretty much know what the best-case scenario is for established veterans, and those players are drafted accordingly (early). With rookies, there's always the chance you get 1st-round types of numbers from a guy you can select in the fourth or fifth round of drafts, and winning a league because of it. Javonte Williams is one of those potential breakouts.   more »


Trivia: June 14, 2021

Trevor Lawrence and Trey Lance were both selected in the first round, and they have the same initals – T.L. Name the only other pair of active quarterbacks formerly chosen in the first round who share the same initials? With this other two pair, the quarterbacks weren’t picked in the same year (they’re both first-round picks, but they were picked 13 years apart). answer »


Factoid: Quarterback rushing

Following up on the Kyler Murray story I posted a couple of days ago. Murray suggested he'd run less this season, in order to protect himself from injury. That could happen, but most likely he'll still be one of the league's better running quarterbacks. Two years into his career, he's been one of the very best in this regard from the past decade, even if he's no Cam Newton (pictured).  more »


Trivia: June 13, 2021

The Steelers used their first-round pick on Najee Harris. They can only hope they have as much success with him as the last first-round pick they used on a Harris running back. They selected Franco Harris with their first pick in 1972, and he had eight seasons with over 1,000 rushing yards (to go along with four Super Bowls and the most famous reception in league history). But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. As it stands right now, what are the only two teams in the last 20 years that have had two players with the same last name both run for over 1,000 yards in a season? answer »


Factoid: Passer rating

Russell Wilson and Derek Carr are good quarterbacks, but they need to get back on track after sputtering late last year.   more »


Factoid: Elijah Moore

It looks like a good year for rookie wideouts. There were 15 drafted in the first three rounds; five in each. One of the more intriguing ones was selected by the New York Jets, who grabbed Elijah Moore just 2 picks into the second round.   more »


Trivia: June 12, 2021

Who are the only three wide receivers who’ve caught 100-plus passes in a season who were never originally drafted before coming in the league? answer »

Factoid: Travis Kelce

If you’re looking for a guy who’s going to rank No. 1 at his position, Travis Kelce might be the safest choice. Five years in a row, he’s finished with the best tight end numbers.   more »


Around the NFL: Kyler Murray

Story at the Arizona Cardinals team website might give people some pause when drafting Kyler Murray. In talking about his 2020 season -- and the way the team took a downturn after he injured his shoulder midseason -- Murray hints (if not outright states) that he will be looking to run less this year.   more »


Trivia: June 11, 2021

James Robinson last year ran for 1,070 – an impressive total for a rookie who wasn’t even drafted. Among undrafted players during the Super Bowl era, who are the only three who’ve run for over 1,000 yards three times? answer »

Mailbag: June 10, 2021

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. Special kickoff edition. How to handle the 18th week. Are Gronk and D'Andre Swift viable keepers? Travis Kelce's relative value. Special bonus trivia question. And more. more »


Around the NFL: Calvin Ridley

Calvin Ridley hasn't been practicing for Atlanta, and yesterday we found out why. He recently underwent foot surgery, and is recovering from it. The Falcons maintain the procedure was minor (of course they do). I'm not going to be alarmist, but I think virtually any foot surgery needs to be taken seriously. He's expected to be fine for training camp, but it's definitely something to monitor.   more »

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Trivia: June 10, 2021

What’s the only division in which all four teams at some point in the Super Bowl era have gotten 30 touchdown passes in a season out of a quarterback wasn’t ever drafted? answer »


Scheduletron: Fool's gold?

Denver and New England project to play the worst defenses this year. At least according to last year’s numbers. History shows that hasn’t been a reliable tool for predicting what will actual happen.   more »


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