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Fantasy News: Joe Flacco

I’ve looked at Joe Flacco some. I will concede that there’s some flicker of hope that he’ll be decent, but I’m not a fan of the signing.  more »


Around the NFL: Steel curtains coming for Bell, Brown

LeVeon Bell won't be playing for Pittsburgh again. Neither, it seems certain, will Antonio Brown. As the end of their careers draws near, the only drama surrounds what kind of compensation the Steelers might get for two of their biggest stars. And what kind of face they might save.   more »


Trivia: February 15, 2019

Who are the only three active quarterbacks who have started and won double-digit games in the postseason? answer »

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Factoid: Nick Foles

At this time of year, I spend most of my time preparing and analyzing various stat charts. You organize the stats every which way, look at which names show up at the top and the bottom, and try to figure out why. And a Nick Foles number just went by that surprised me.   more »


Andy Richardson: Guessing where the quarterbacks might land

With Joe Flacco traded to Denver, a couple of pieces in the annual quarterback puzzle have been placed. He was a veteran starter in need of a team, the Broncos were a team in need of a quarterback. So that's one. Who's next?   more »


Trivia: February 14, 2019

The Broncos have agreed to a trade for Joe Flacco. Like Peyton Manning, Flacco was a Super Bowl MVP with a different franchise. What is the only other team that twice has featured quarterbacks who were Super Bowl MVPs somewhere else? Neither of the quarterbacks ended up making much of an impact (just seven combined starts between them). answer »


Factoid: O.J. Howard

I’m interested to see what happens with O.J. Howard in Tampa Bay. Bruce Arians doesn’t have much of a history with tight ends, but he’s never had a player with that kind of athleticism at the position.  more »


Around the NFL: Joe Flacco

John Elway won a Super Bowl the last time he brought in a veteran quarterback who'd won a Super Bowl previously, so maybe he's hoping to strike gold again. But Peyton Manning was an elite performer whose only question was the neck injury he was coming back from. Joe Flacco? That's a less-certain win for Elway.   more »


Factoid: Josh Rosen

The Cardinals are on the clock with the top pick in the NFL Draft, and having hired Kliff Kingsbury as head coach, there's some dot-connecting going on these days. Kyler Murray is planning to embark on an NFL career, and Kingsbury said last fall he'd select Murray No. 1 overall in the NFL Draft. Whaddya know: He has his chance.   more »


Trivia: February 13, 2019

What team in the last four years has attempted only 80 field goals – 24 fewer than any other franchise? answer »

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Fantasy News: Cleveland's running backs

The Browns will take some flak for signing Kareem Hunt, but it’s a move that makes a lot of sense and gives them a lot of flexibility going forward. They’ve now got one of the deepest backfields in the league, and one that’s cost controlled.   more »


Factoid: Nick Chubb

The Browns signed Kareem Hunt yesterday, which might cause some nervousness for those with stock in Nick Chubb. Hunt's a talented guy who led the league in rushing in 2017, which gives the team a viable alternative -- post-suspension, of course -- should Chubb struggle or get hurt.   more »


Trivia: February 12, 2019

Who is the only wide receiver who at one point during the 2018 season was on the field for all of his team's offensive plays six games in a row? (No other wide receiver put together a streak of three such games.) answer »


Around the NFL: Browns sign Kareem Hunt

A reminder that there's no offseason comes with a fairly significant fantasy story just a week after the conclusion of the NFL season. The Cleveland Browns signed Kareem Hunt today, adding 2017's leading rusher to what seems to be one of the league's up-and-coming teams. So what does this mean?   more »


Around the NFL: Bye-bye baseball

Here comes Kyler Murray. He says he’s fully committed to being a quarterback, and I think that will translate into him being a top-5 pick in the draft.  more »


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