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Defensive Notes: Demario Davis

New Orleans made a contract move on the defensive side of the ball yesterday, extending linebacker Demario Davis through the 2024 season. It's a quiet move for an underrated defender, but he's plenty known to those in IDP leagues.   more »

Trivia: June 25, 2022

What team has currently played 195 consecutive games without scoring on a kickoff return? answer »

Factoid: Cordarrelle Patterson

Running back is a younger man’s position. Guys tend to put up their best numbers in their mid-to-late 20s. You do, however, usually see an older back or two crash the party.  more »

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Around the NFL: Saints running backs

Story out yesterday that the Saints and Alvin Kamara are bracing for a six-game league suspension for the Pro Bowl eve altercation which resulted in Kamara being arrested on battery charges. When a suspension would actually occur is less certain, but it's something early drafters need to think about.   more »


Trivia: June 24, 2022

Since the merger in 1970, what are the only two divisions in which all four teams have had a player who’s led the league in receiving yards? answer »


Scheduletron: Strength of schedule

One of the problems with strength of schedule is that it’s based on last year. Teams change, so it doesn’t really make sense to calculate schedule difficulty over what they used to be.  more »


Around the NFL: Chris Godwin

All the stories we're hearing lately -- Chris Godwin unlikely to be fully healthy at the start of the season, Rob Gronkowski retiring -- have served to lift Russell Gage's value into the stratosphere. Seems very likely he'll be the No. 2 after Mike Evans in Week 1. But this news also makes me a little more interested in Godwin.   more »


Trivia: June 23, 2022

Since the merger in 1970, who’s the player who’s won rushing titles with two different franchises? answer »

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Around the NFL: Eno Benjamin

From the sound of Kliff Kingsbury’s press conferences, Arizona’s backup running back might not be Darrel Williams or Keontay Ingram. Kingsbury says he likes what he’s seen out of Eno Benjamin.  more »


Around the NFL: Cole Kmet

It's difficult to get too high on the Bears offense, with a developing young quarterback, suspect offensive line and sketchy group of pass catchers. But somebody is going to have to catch the occasional pass behind No. 1 Darnell Mooney, and Cole Kmet looks as likely to be the 2nd option as anyone else.   more »


Trivia: June 22, 2022

Who was the last player to win three rushing titles in a row? answer »


Around the NFL: Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski is done – apparently – and that puts a different spin on the Tampa Bay offense. Previously most assumed Gronkowski would re-sign at some point, but he instead announced his retirement today.  more »


Mailbag: June 21, 2022

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition: Is Taysom Hill this year's sleeper tight end? Is Deshaun Watson worth keeping around? Weighing running backs versus wide receivers in the early rounds. And the growing trend of quarterback-receiver combos that played together in college. more »


Around the NFL: Gerald Everett

Tight end tends to be a shallow position in fantasy leagues, so attention must be paid to any realistic candidates for top-12 type production. Last year Noah Fant, generally considered a disappointment, was actually the 12th-best PPR tight end. So maybe this year it will be Gerald Everett.   more »


Trivia: June 21, 2022

What team has gone the longest without selecting a wide receiver in the first round? answer »

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