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Around the NFL: Jordan Matthews

The Eagles are getting their starting quarterback back this week, at the same time they've lost another wide receiver to injury (Mike Wallace). But they're bringing in a familiar face, and he should step right in as their slot receiver.   more »

Poll: September 19, 2018

Which quarterback will start for Tampa Bay in Week 6?

Ryan Fitzpatrick (0%)
Jameis Winston (0%)

Trivia: September 19, 2018

What two teams appeared in the first-ever game on ABC’s Monday Night Football? answer »

Podcast: September 18 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast available now

Aaron Bland and Justin Eleff work the waiver wire after Week 2 of the NFL regular season. Sponsored by YouRulz and DraftKings.  more »


Fantasy News: Team offensive projections

The revised player rankings (season-long rankings) just left my desk. They’ll be showing up in your in-box soon. Lots of changes this week, as it becomes apparent that some offenses are just way ahead of the rest of the league right now. Looks like scoring is going to be way up this year.   more »

Fantasy Index Redrafter: The new Fantasy Index Redrafter Cheat Sheet is available now.

The Redrafter includes season-long rankings, as if your league were to start over from scratch and re-draft all players. Totally overhauled after the Week 2 games were completed, the Redrafter Cheat Sheet is perfect for evaluating season-long moves including trades and free agent pickups.  more »


Factoid: Marcus Peters

In the wee hours of the morning on the East Coast, during the final game of Week 1, cornerback Marcus Peters, who the Rams traded for in the offseason, picked off Derek Carr and ran it back for a touchdown. This is just his fourth year in the league, and he's now got 3 interception return touchdowns.   more »


Trivia: September 18, 2018

Four coaches have working under them offensive and defensive coordinators who were also once NFL head coaches. Who are these four teams? answer »


Viva Murillo!: Don't be Like Davis

When I heard that Buffalo cornerback Vontae Davis retired at halftime of the team's game Sunday, my first thought wasn't disgust or disappointment. I wasn't really judging him or pondering the meaning of teamwork or commitment. My first thought was "I know how he feels."   more »


Poll: September 17, 2018

Will Josh Gordon catch 5-plus touchdown passes this year for the Patriots?

Yes. (55%)
No. (45%)

Around the NFL: Patriots land Gordon

Did the Patriots just pull off an amazing steal? Or are they simply taking a low-cost look at wide receiver who used to be really good? They’ve agreed with Cleveland on a trade for troubled wide receiver Josh Gordon.  more »


Andy Richardson: A Day of Football

If you ever wondered why some kickers hang around the game until their 40s or even mid-40s, the preponderance of young guys letting teams down is your answer. Zane Gonzalez and Daniel Carlson have simply cost their teams wins so far. Veterans have missed some big kicks too, but teams that try to save money with youngsters are regretting it so far.   more »


Trivia: September 17, 2018

Seattle plays at Chicago tonight. What player had seasons with 80-plus catches for both of these franchises? answer »

Poll: September 16, 2018

Which 2-0 surprise team has the best chance of making the playoffs?

Cincinnati Bengals (48%)
Denver Broncos (22%)
Miami Dolphins (4%)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (26%)

Dynasty Leagues: Long-term quarterback rankings

Each Sunday during the season I’ll look at dynasty rankings. A different position each week – rotating between QB, RB, WR and TE. I will start with the signal callers.  more »


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