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Factoid: Rookie WRs

The draft is a couple of weeks away, and there’s a good chance a couple of wide receivers will be chosen in the top 10. Maybe three. The last time that happened, it didn’t go well.  more »

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Trivia: April 10, 2021

Who was the only running back last year who had three runs of 70-plus yards? answer »

Factoid: Rookie QBs

We might see five quarterbacks chosen in the top 10 of the draft, and if form holds, at least a couple of them will be put up notable numbers in their first year. That’s the way it’s been trending in recent seasons.   more »


Trivia: April 9, 2021

It’s rare for a player to catch 100 passes but not be a Pro Bowler. Who’s the only player who’s done this multiple times? answer »

Fantasy Baseball Index: 5 players whose values increased after Opening Day

Player value is fluid. We enter draft day with one set of dollar values, but once Opening Day arrives, everything can change in an instant...  more »

Around the NFL: Demarcus Robinson

I see where Demarcus Robinson is talking about going for 1,000 yards and 10 TDs. Sammy Watkins is gone, he reasons, so this will be the season for him to get more opportunities – and do more with them.  more »


Poll: April 8, 2021

Who will be the first non-quarterback selected in the draft?

WR JaMarr Chase, Louisiana State (0%)
WR DeVonta Smith, Alabama (0%)
OT Penei Sewell, Oregon (0%)
OT Rashawn Slater, Northwestern (0%)
TE Kyle Pitts, Florida (0%)
CB Patrick Surtain, Alabama (0%)

Trivia: April 8, 2021

The Bengals on Wednesday released Giovani Bernard. He had been the longest-tenured running back in the league – since Cincinnati picked him in the second round in 2013. (Other running backs have been in the league longer, but not all with the same team.) With Bernard looking for a new team, what running back now has the longest active streak of employment with the same team? This player was a fourth-round pick in 2014 and has been with the same team all along. answer »

Factoid: Washington receivers

I have some interest in Washington’s wide receivers. Terry McLaurin and Curtis Samuel have some ability, and I think Ryan Fitzpatrick could be the quarterback to help them reach their full potential.  more »


Trivia: April 7, 2021

What do the following players have in common: Derek Carrier, Christian Kirksey? answer »

Factoid: Panther receivers

What the Panthers could really use out of Sam Darnold would be some touchdown passes. Two years in a row they’ve ranked above-average in passing, but with only 17 and 16 touchdowns. They need to put more of those in the end zone.  more »


Around the NFL: Teddy Bridgewater

The Panthers traded for Sam Darnold yesterday. They gave up three draft picks, including a second-rounder, and say they'll pick up Darnold's fifth-year option, so this isn't just a casual look-see, nor is it competition for Teddy Bridgewater or a top-10 draft pick. Darnold will be their starter this season, and Bridgewater will be out in the cold.   more »


Trivia: April 6, 2021

What team has gone over 50 years without selecting a running back in the first round? answer »

Fantasy Baseball Index: The new Fantasy Baseball Index Cheat Sheet is available

Get simple one-page cheat sheets for mixed, AL-only and NL-only drafts, plus fantasy depth charts, stat projections in Excel format, and extensive team-by-team analysis.   more »

Around the NFL: Carolina nabs Darnold

The Jets trade Sam Darnold to Carolina, and it looks like a win all the way around. New York picks up some draft picks, while Darnold lands in arguably the best landing spot available.  more »


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