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Around the NFL: Nyheim Hines

Frank Reich indicates that he thinks Nyheim Hines is going to have a big year. He’s even advising fantasy team owners to select him onto their teams.  more »


Around the NFL: CeeDee Lamb

Who's in on CeeDee Lamb? With Amari Cooper gone, he's going to be Dallas' No. 1 wideout, and the No. 2, Michael Gallup, is coming off a torn ACL that might limit him early on. But Lamb's early price tag looks a little scary to me.   more »


Trivia: May 26, 2022

Kyle Pitts went over 1,000 receiving yards last year. Who was the last other rookie tight end to do this? answer »

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Factoid: Volume receivers

I was poking around with the numbers some on Cooper Kupp, trying to estimate how much statistical decline will happen this year. It’s not realistic, of course, to hope for another 145 catches. That’s just insane.  more »


Andy Richardson: Sleeper tight ends

I'm not crazy about the costs on tight ends I'm seeing so far. I don't really want to use a first- or second-round pick on Travis Kelce or Mark Andrews, with one being old and one being tied to a passing game I'm concerned about. I like Kyle Pitts, but he's also going really early.   more »


Trivia: May 25, 2022

What was the first team with a stadium featuring luxury boxes? answer »

Around the NFL: Terry McLaurin

Terry McLaurin hasn’t been attending any of Washington’s offseason workouts, and it’s easy to see why. He’s long overdue for a contract extension.  more »


Around the NFL: Ken Walker

A report out of Seahawk OTAs yesterday is that Rashaad Penny is dealing with a hamstring injury. Ordinarily not a big deal, with it being May, but it prompts a raised eyebrow given Penny's poor career track record of durability. And has me thinking about rookie Ken Walker.  more »


Trivia: May 24, 2022

Who were the opponents when the Super Bowl last featured two teams who were appearing in the game for the first time? answer »

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Fantasy News: Running on empty

I always get nervous when drafting running backs paired with quarterbacks who are great runners. Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen, Cam Newton. With quarterbacks of that ilk, there’s always the fear that they’re going to run in all of the short touchdowns on their own. On the other hand, a mobile quarterback can help to open things up, with defenses having to respect that threat.  more »


Factoid: Allen Robinson

It's tough for Super Bowl champs to repeat, and I think it's going to be difficult for the Rams. They have Sean McVay and a lot of great offensive pieces, but they have a lot of questions, too.  more »


Trivia: May 23, 2022

The NFL started in 1920. What two franchises out of those 14 still exist today? answer »

Factoid: Rookie receivers

Somebody in the comments section (Robert S, I think) was asking about rookie receivers, and whether any of them will post top-40 numbers. I think I can answer that one. Yes, definitely.  more »


Defensive Notes: T.J. Watt

In IDP leagues, for those who compete in them, it can be hard to get pass-rushing linebackers too high relative to the guys who are racking up 130-plus tackles. The pass rushers generally have a bigger impact on the game, but they're recording half as many tackles (at most). But T.J. Watt is an exception.   more »


Trivia: May 22, 2022

What four quarterbacks have started and won Super Bowl games after previous starting in games for two other franchises? answer »


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