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Factoid: C.J. Stroud

With rookie quarterbacks, I like to look at sacks. It provides some information, I think, about how good they are at recognizing pressure (or at least getting the ball out of their hands). And it looks meaningful with this year’s crop of first-round prospects.  more »


Andy Richardson: Jahmyr Gibbs

I've written some here about Jahmyr Gibbs. It's hard not to be excited by him, not only the blazing 40 time but the film footage, where he jumps off the screen compared to the defenders trying to tackle him. Bijan Robinson is the top college back, but Gibbs should also be an early pick.   more »


Fantasy Baseball Index: The March 30 Fantasy Baseball Index Cheat Sheet is available

Get simple one-page cheat sheets for mixed, AL-only and NL-only drafts, plus fantasy depth charts, stat projections in Excel format, and extensive team-by-team analysis.   more »

Trivia: March 30, 2023

What two quarterbacks each threw 3 interceptions last year when their teams were set up inside the 10-yard line? answer »


Factoid: Hayden Hurst

Hayden Hurst landed a nice contract with Carolina. He bet on himself in Cincinnati last year, and it paid off. He’ll be more than doubling his pay with the Panthers.   more »


Around the NFL: Irv Smith

The Bengals signed tight end Irv Smith the other day, and there's some potential there. Hayden Hurst is gone to Carolina, so Cincinnati has an opening for a starter. And Smith, who was drafted in the second round four years ago, has the athleticism to make an impact as a receiver.   more »


Trivia: March 29, 2023

The Bills have signed Kyle Allen, creating the possibility they might start two different quarterbacks with the same last name (first, he needs to win the backup job, and then there would need to be a Josh Allen injury during the season). What are the only other two teams since the merger who have had two different quarterbacks with the same last name start in the same season? They come from the 2002 and 2010 seasons, and the last names are common. answer »

Fantasy Baseball Index: How to approach dominant non-closer relievers

Last week we pointed out a bug in conventional valuation theory, and we discussed how you can leverage it to your advantage when assembling and managing a winning fantasy baseball team. This week let's look at a related wrinkle in the valuation process: The latent utility of the dominant, non-closing reliever.  more »

Factoid: Tyler Lockett

Tyler Lockett turns 31 in September, but I wouldn’t be too worried about him fizzling out. He’s a consummate pro, other receivers of his ilk have tended to produce well into their 30s.   more »


Around the NFL: Indianapolis Colts

Some drama was added to the Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson situation yesterday, when Jackson revealed he's asked to be traded. It can be debated whether the Ravens or Jackson are being more stubborn in this contract standoff. But I think the Colts should think long and hard about making a run at the running quarterback.   more »


Trivia: March 28, 2023

C.J. Stroud is known by initials; his legal name is Coleridge Bernard Stroud. That’s more common to see with running backs and wide receivers than with quarterbacks. In NFL history, who is the only quarterback with over 100 career touchdown passes who also was best known by his initials? answer »


Factoid: Running receivers

I notice the teams are using wide receivers more as runners. It’s more common to see them flex into the running back position, and it’s rare to see a game where somebody isn’t handling the ball on a jet sweep or an end-around.   more »


Factoid: Bryce Young

So Bryce Young will be a top 2 pick in next month's draft; maybe No. 1 to Carolina, probably No. 2 to Houston if not. He definitely isn't getting by the Colts at No. 4. The 2021 Heisman winner would probably be a slam-dunk No. 1. If he were bigger.   more »


Trivia: March 27, 2023

What three teams have ranked in the bottom 10 in scoring in each of the past five seasons? answer »

Factoid: Chris Godwin

I doubt that I’ll be selecting Chris Godwin in any draft this year. Nice player, but I don’t know that Tampa Bay has a quarterback who can get him the ball. I think that offense will be taking a big step back.   more »

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