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Around the NFL: Miami running backs

The Dolphins had the league's worst running game a year ago, which tends to happen when your offensive line is cheap and terrible and you trade your only decent running back during the season. They brought in two new veterans this offseason, Jordan Howard and Matt Breida, and those are the guys who should get most (all?) of the snaps in 2020. How might things shake out?  more »

Trivia: August 12, 2020

Cam Newton, Joey Harrington, Byron Leftwich, Daunte Culpepper. All of these quarterbacks were selected in the first round. What is notable about the jersey numbers they wore? answer »

Factoid: Tight ends as receivers

For those in leagues combining wide receivers and tight ends into one “receiver” position, where do you take those first tight ends? How do guys like George Kittle and Travis Kelce stack up against the best wide receivers.  more »

Around the NFL: Lamar Miller

I put together the depth charts for Fantasy Index, including the list of unsigned veterans. I've wondered why there's been no news of interest regarding Lamar Miller. An unexciting name to be sure, but that hasn't kept Carlos Hyde and Peyton Barber from finding work. Well, Miller found work yesterday.   more »


Trivia: August 11, 2020

What four quarterbacks have started playoff games for three different teams? None of these guys is active. One is a former first-round pick. Another is a former ninth-round choice. Two were originally not drafted at all and didn’t play their college ball at major schools. Three have played in this century, while the other last started in the mid-90s. answer »

Viva Murillo!: Opting Out

It looks like 67 players have chosen to sit the season out and forfeit their salaries for the year (they'll have to survive on a pittance of $150,000 instead). We know who they are, so both real and fantasy teams will be able to prepare for life without them. But what if one of your leaguemates opts out? What if they can't pay the league fees this year? What's the league deadline for that decision? How will you handle it?   more »


Factoid: New England defense

I expect New England’s defense will take a big step back this year. Bill Belichick might be one of the best at finding at developing unheralded players, but with these recent opt outs, I think the Patriots have passed the tipping point.   more »


Around the NFL: Antonio Gibson

Now that Derrius Guice has been released and Washington's other running backs are lightly regarded veterans, it seemed time to take a closer look at rookie Antonio Gibson. No one will argue he has the most upside of the team's backs, and he's being drafted earliest -- at 5.12, if you can believe it, in one draft I heard of.   more »


Trivia: August 10, 2020

What’s the only team that will enter this season with a new coach, new offensive coordinator, new defensive coordinator and new starting quarterback? answer »


Fantasy Index Cheat Sheet Update: The latest Fantasy Index Cheat Sheet is available now.

Get our latest rankings, analysis, projections, depth charts, and defensive player information...  more »

Fantasy News: Invitational

Where does one select a quarterback (or two) in a “Superflex” league? Based on a recent Experts League tournament put together by, maybe not as high as you would expect.   more »


Factoid: Chandler Jones

Look out, Michael Strahan. Arizona's Chandler Jones is coming for your sack record of 22.5. Jones thinks it's within reach. His numbers over the past five seasons make him the best candidate to do it.   more »


Trivia: August 9, 2020

The Patriots have won double-digit games a record 17 years in a row. What franchise has the second-longest streak in league history? answer »

Factoid: Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill is an unusual quarterback – shockingly good last year. But in the drafts I’ve seen, it’s been a buyer’s market for him. If you want to pick him up late as a second quarterback, he’ll be there for you.  more »


Around the NFL: Washington Backfield

Washington released Derrius Guice yesterday. If you just heard the initial report you might have thought it was injury related, with his first two seasons having been basically wiped out, but in fact it was for domestic-related off-field stuff. There's a new starter now.   more »


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