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Factoid: Trevor Lawrence

If Trevor Lawrence is anywhere near as good as most tend to think he is, Jacksonville should have one of the league’s most improved offenses. That’s how it tends to play out when teams add a notable quarterback.  more »


Around the NFL: Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz left practice yesterday with a foot injury. There have been various reports about how serious it is (one report says "not season-ending," which is difficult to view as a positive in July), and he's seeing a foot specialist. The Colts are bracing themselves for surgery. Seems likely he'll miss regular-season games -- maybe a good chunk of them.   more »


Trivia: July 31, 2021

Alan Faneca and Steve Hutchinson are being inducted into the Hall of Fame. This means that when Super Bowl XL was played, both teams featured guards who were future Hall of Famers (Faneca for the Steelers, Hutchinson for the Seahawks). What is the only other Super Bowl in which this occurred (with both teams having a starting guard in its lineup who later was enshrined at Canton)? answer »

Around the NFL: Lamar Jackson

As camps are opening, I think it’s looking more clear there won’t be a big statistical jump for Baltimore’s passing game. I don’t have much confidence in the quarterback, and I’m not a big fan of the coaching staff.  more »


Around the NFL: Dak Prescott

Scary week for Dak Prescott and the Cowboys. The quarterback left practice on Wednesday with soreness in his throwing arm, and underwent an MRI. The good news is that it doesn't seem to be serious: Prescott has a strained muscle in his throwing shoulder. The team will shut him down (at least in terms of throwing) for a couple of days, according to Mike McCarthy, but the issue is considered minor.   more »


Trivia: July 30, 2021

Calvin Johnson is headed for Canton, and he’s being enshrined despite sticking around for only nine seasons. Among other Hall of Fame wide receivers who played in the Super Bowl era, who is the only other one who also played fewer than 10 seasons? answer »


Trivia: July 29, 2021

John Lynch is going into Canton. He played both baseball and football at Stanford, actually selected earlier in the MLB draft (66th in 1992) than the NFL draft (82nd in 1993). What coach persuaded Lynch to choose football, convincing him he could develop into a Pro Bowl safety? answer »


Mailbag: July 29, 2021

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition: Coping with the NFL's new COVID policies. Update on Fantasy Index Open. Success rates on first-round wide receivers. Rookie keepers. And more. more »


Ask the Experts: Which veterans who changed teams are you interested in?

ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Which veteran who changed teams in the offseason are you most interested in seeing?   more »


Factoid: Rookie RBs

Travis Etienne and Javonte Williams look like key decisions to me. Both have the potential to be notable contributors as rookies, but neither is guaranteed to even be the most productive running back on his own team.  more »


Around the NFL: Curtis Samuel

With training camps opening, a lot of players are starting out on either COVID or PUP lists. The season is six weeks away so it's not a big deal in most cases. But Curtis Samuel (groin) is one to keep an eye on, since the injury also sidelined him for the team's minicamp back in June. It's an issue he's still dealing with.   more »


Trivia: July 28, 2021

Harold Carmichael and Calvin Johnson are going into the Hall of Fame, and they become Canton’s tallest wide receivers. When they were playing, Carmichael was listed at 6-foot-8, while Johnson was at 6-foot-5. Until they show up, who is the Hall’s current tallest wide receiver? answer »


Podcast: July 27 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast available now

Ian Allan and Justin Eleff kick off the podcast preseason with a team-by-team look at the NFC West. (Get well soon, Cam Akers.) Sponsored by Fantasy Football Index magazine -- get your copy of the 2021 edition now!  more »

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Ian Allan: Improving kickers

If form holds there will be some really good kickers who aren’t even selected in most fantasy drafts. That’s the way it tends to play out – especially last year.  more »


Around the NFL: Rodgahs!

Just days after the popular story out there was that he was going to retire this week, Aaron Rodgers arrived at camp today. He’s apparently back in the fold, with a weird agreement that seems to involve the quarterback possibly being able to choose his team in 2022 and have one of his buddies with him in 2021. If so, we can focus on his fantasy potential this year, which is considerable.   more »


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