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Factoid: Travis Kelce

I’m not excited about drafting Travis Kelce. He’ll be 35 in October. But I may wind up ranking him No. 1 among tight ends anyway.   more »

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Factoid: Brock Bowers

In general, it's not considered a strong incoming rookie class at tight end. Last year there were six selected in the first two rounds, and that's not happening. But the earliest was Dalton Kincaid at 25th overall, and Georgia's Brock Bowers will go much earlier than that.   more »

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Trivia: April 24, 2024

Who was the last Michigan quarterback selected with a first-round pick? answer »

Around the NFL: Jayden Daniels

There are reports suggesting the Raiders are trying to make a blockbuster move for Jayden Daniels. It doesn’t surprise me. They’re sitting in the AFC West, playing Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert twice per year; they know the value of a franchise quarterback.   more »

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Around the NFL: Zach Wilson

Before the 2024 NFL Draft commences, a brief farewell to the careers of most of the 2021 quarterback draft class. It was a promising group -- there were 5 selected in the top 15 picks, just the second time that's ever happened -- but it sure hasn't turned out very well.   more »


Trivia: April 23, 2024

Trent Sherfield has signed with the Vikings, giving him the opportunity to potentially catch a pass for a fifth different team in five years. He spent the last four seasons with Arizona, San Francisco, Miami and Buffalo. That would be impressive, but there is an active player with an even longer streak. What active player has caught at least one pass for a new team six years in a row? answer »


Factoid: Older rookies

With apologies to Spencer Rattler, there are six quarterbacks at play in this year’s draft. They’re interesting in that three of them have been in the college game for at least five years, with more time to hone their craft. But I’m not sure if that’s a positive or a negative.   more »


Factoid: Jaylen Wright

It will be interesting to see where Tennessee back Jaylen Wright goes in the draft. I've seen him ranked all over the map in different previews -- as early one of the top 2 or 3 players at the position, as late as barely in the top 10. Not much consensus.   more »


Trivia: April 22, 2024

In 2021, Russell Wilson threw 19 more touchdowns than interceptions for Seattle but got traded to Denver. He again threw 19 more touchdowns than interceptions last year, but now he’ll be playing for Pittsburgh. In NFL history, who are the only two quarterbacks who have finished with an even larger TD-interception ratio (20-plus for both guys), then played for different teams the next year? answer »

Around the NFL: Darius Slayton

I see that Darius Slayton is staying away from the Giants’ workouts, hoping to get his contract adjusted. I’m not sure if that will be successful, but I can see where he’s coming from.   more »

Factoid: Second-round quarterbacks

Saw a discussion recently about a couple of quarterbacks expected to go in either the first or second round of this week's draft, Washington's Michael Penix (pictured) and Oregon's Bo Nix. The gist was that the hit rate on early 2nds was really good. I took a look.   more »

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Trivia: April 21, 2024

Tom Brady threw 50 touchdowns for the Patriots in 2007 and 43 for the Bucs in 2021, leading the league both years. Peyton Manning threw 49 for the Colts in 2004 and 55 for the Broncos in 2013, also leading the league both years. Who is the only other quarterback in the Super Bowl era who’s led the league in touchdown passes for two different teams? answer »


Around the NFL: Courtland Sutton

Courtland Sutton is staying away from Denver’s offseason workouts, and I can’t say I blame him. He wants a new contract, and his value will never be higher.   more »

Andy Richardson: Pat Tillman

Twenty years ago this Monday, former Cardinals safety Pat Tillman was killed in action in Afghanistan. Tillman was a 7th-round pick, selected 226th overall in 1998, and coincidentally the Cardinals have the same pick again this year. Would be remarkable if the pick were anywhere near as successful.   more »


Trivia: April 20, 2024

In the Super Bowl era, what are the only three teams that have never used a top-10 pick on a quarterback? answer »


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