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Factoid: Isiah Pacheco

Isiah Pacheco looks like a key player for the AFC Championship game. I think they’re going to have to use him more than usual, and he’s been an effective back.  more »

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Fantasy Index Weekly: Championship Game Preview: Cincinnati

While the NFC game features arguably the league's two best defenses, the AFC game is a little different. It also features a pair of top-10 offenses, just like the NFL has encouraged, but both defenses will give up production at times. The over-under of 47 is just a little higher than in the NFC game (currently 45.5), but the gap would be wider if both quarterbacks were fully healthy.   more »

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Ask the Experts: Which veteran QB on the move intrigues you most?

ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Which veteran quarterback likely or possibly on the move intrigues you most?  more »


Trivia: January 26, 2023

In the Super Bowl era, who is the only running back (who played at the NFL level) who went on to last more than 100 games as an NFL head coach? The question comes to mind with Kansas City’s offensive coordinator, Eric Bieniemy, hoping to land a head-coaching job (as a running back, his former teams included the Bengals). answer »


Around the NFL: New England Patriots

The Patriots are bringing back Bill O’Brien to serve as their offensive coordinator. That looks like a good move. Matt Patricia seemed to be in over his head calling plays last year, with his background being on the defensive side of the ball.   more »


Fantasy Index Weekly: Championship Game Preview: Philadelphia

We're taking a look at the four Championship Game teams this week; San Francisco yesterday, Philadelphia today. The Eagles are only slight favorites (2.5 points), and it's definitely a game that could go either way.   more »


Trivia: January 25, 2023

Who’s the only player in NFL history who’s had multiple seasons with more than 1,400 yards from scrimmage for three different teams? answer »


Around the NFL: Ezekiel Elliott

What now for Ezekiel Elliott? He’s due a base salary of $10.9 million next season, and he won’t be back at that price tag. But could the Cowboys bring him back at a reduced rate?   more »

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Poll: January 24, 2023

Which announcing team was best during the divisional round?

Fantasy Index Weekly: Championship Game Preview: San Francisco

Fantasy Index Weekly is done for the season, but we'll preview the final three games here at the website anyway. Up first is the NFC Championship game, with San Francisco traveling to Philadelphia. I'll look at the 49ers today, the other three teams over the next couple of days, and rank all the players from the teams by the end of the week.   more »


Viva Murillo!: Playoff Lessons

I try not to pay too much attention to the statistical performances in the playoffs. A player who has a great postseason often can't repeat the numbers the following season. Like the NHL goalie who gets hot in the playoffs and goes back to being mediocre the next year, a player might look awesome in the postseason and stick in my head too much on draft day, only to disappoint when they're needed. I'm fine if other teams make that mistake, but not mine. Still, we're seeing a few patterns in the playoffs that might be good to note for the future. Not just the hard numbers necessarily, but the behavior of teams when the chips are down and they're desperate for first downs and scores. If a quarterback looks to a certain receiver when they're in a high-pressure situation, or if a running back gets ignored in a big game, it might be good to remember that for next season.   more »


Trivia: January 24, 2023

For the second year in a row, Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes will meet in the AFC Championship (assuming Mahomes’ ankle holds up). In this century, who are the only other two quarterbacks who have started against each other two years in a row in conference championship games? Hint: It’s not the layup answer that many might initially toss out. answer »

Fantasy News: Fantasy Index Experts Poll

Sam Hendricks has won the Fantasy Index Experts Poll for the third time in five years.

Hendricks is the author of the Fantasy Football Guidebook, published annually by Extra Point Press. Competing in a field of 20 fantasy analysts, Hendricks ranked 2nd and 3rd at the RB and QB positions, and 7th at both of the pass-catching positions.   more »


Andy Richardson: A Weekend of Football

With respect to Wild Card Weekend or Super Wild Card Weekend, the Divisional Round is always the best weekend of playoff football. Invariably the teams belong there; the wheat has been separated from the chaff, getting rid of the Dolphins and other teams only in the postseason these days because the league can't leave well enough alone.   more »


Trivia: January 23, 2023

Patrick Mahomes on Sunday will start in a conference championship game for the fifth year in a row. Who are the only other two quarterbacks who have played in conference championship games in five consecutive seasons? answer »


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