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Trivia: July 4, 2022

Who are the two players who scored at least 20 TDs as rookies? answer »

Factoid: Red zone kickers

Daniel Carlson and Graham Gano have both benefitted from playing for kicker friendly offenses. But both the Raiders and the Giants have new coaching staffs, potentially resulting in them attempting fewer field goals.  more »


Around the NFL: Bell versus Peterson

Saw a report yesterday of an upcoming "Battle of the Running Backs" between Adrian Peterson and LeVeon Bell. It's telling that I didn't have any idea what the context of this battle would be: Running? Jumping? In fact, it's boxing. Because that makes sense.   more »

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Trivia: July 3, 2022

What quarterback from the '50s still holds the NFL record for passing yards in a game at 554? answer »


Scheduletron: Strength of schedule

If you’re looking for an offense that will start the season strong, how about the Eagles and Chargers? They’ve got favorable schedules for the first month of the year.  more »


Around the NFL: Gabriel Davis

At what point does a sleeper stop being a sleeper? The hype for Gabriel Davis has reached the point where he's being drafted a lot closer to his ceiling than his floor. It's a little worrying if you're hoping to get him on your team, but it's also understandable.   more »


Trivia: July 2, 2022

Who are the only four quarterbacks in league history to go over 10 years without missing a start? answer »


Team projections: Offensive forecast

Part of putting together a credible team involves latching onto the correct offenses. In that regard, I see four that I think have a good chance of being about 10 touchdowns better this year: Broncos, Giants, Ravens and Jaguars.  more »


Around the NFL: Marcus Mariota

There'd been a report recently suggesting third-rounder Desmond Ridder would start for the Falcons, but maybe that was overly optimistic. A more recent one says that Mariota is "far ahead" of the rookie, which makes sense. It's probably good news for the offense, and its most desirable receiver.   more »

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Trivia: July 1, 2022

What Hall of Fame coach is credited with developing the "moving pocket", the two-tight-end offense, the "stack defense" and the phrase "matriculating the ball down the field". answer »


Factoid: Bottom-feeder offenses

If in your gut you’re pretty sure a team will have a terrible passing offense, should you stay away from that team’s wide receivers? If a team isn’t putting up many yards or touchdown passes, after all, it will be harder for its wide receivers to finish with good numbers.   more »


Around the NFL: Brian Robinson

A recent news item speculates that Washington might be looking at third-round running back Brian Robinson in a short-yardage or goal-line capacity. It makes some sense, and is also a reason for concern when selecting Antonio Gibson.   more »

Trivia: June 30, 2022

Since the merger, who’s the only player from a franchise that's now in the AFC North Division who’s won a rushing title? answer »


Around the NFL: Deshaun Watson

There should be some progress soon on the Deshaun Watson situation, with a lengthy suspension looking certain. I’m wondering if the Browns might oddly benefit if it’s for a full season rather than for perhaps about eight games.  more »


Around the NFL: Terry McLaurin

Washington signed Terry McLaurin to a new three-year, $71 million dollar contract yesterday, eliminating any slight concern of the wideout being a holdout or malcontent this summer. It's good news for those hoping to draft him, and a deserved reward for one of the game's better wideouts since entering the league. Despite his circumstances.  more »


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