Terrelle Pryor finished last season with 1,007 yards, and he managed that total despite playing for a team ranking 27th in passing. But other receivers have actually done more with even less. What three active receivers have gone over 1,000 yards while playing for offenses ranking no higher than 30th in passing?


Anquan Boldin, going over 1,000 twice for 49ers teams ranking 31st and 30th in passing (2013-14).
Jeremy Maclin finished with 1,088 yards for Kansas City (30th) in 2015.
Kenny Britt closed at 1,002 for the Rams (30th) last year.
A fourth receiver, Vincent Jackson, went for 1,224 yards for Tampa Bay in 2013, even while that team ranked last in passing, but Jackson isn’t currently on an NFL roster.