Saw a story that the NFL is investigating an alleged domestic incident involving Jarvis Landry. The police didn't press charges, but as we saw with Ezekiel Elliott, the NFL doesn't have to let that stop them. Looks like something those drafting in the next few days should at the very least have in the back of their minds.

The story, from something called Slater Scoops (I'd never heard of it either), says there's a video of a domestic incident involving Landry and his girlfriend. The girlfriend didn't press charges.

Reading through the linked story, it looks at least possible that there's nothing to this. I can't find anything else about it online. I don't even know if the generic quote from an "NFL source" about the matter being under review is legit.

But I'm drafting tonight, and I'm going to go ahead and bump Landry down my rankings some. There have been reports of the Dolphins shopping him in advance of his contract year. So the fact that he could potentially face a league suspension is enough for me not to select him when I can draft a similar player.

Hopefully there will be more to this (or less) that comes out soon. In the meantime, seems prudent to tread carefully when drafting Landry (and just maybe have a little more interest in DeVante Parker and Kenny Stills). The No. 4 is Leonte Carroo, last year's third-round pick.

--Andy Richardson