Well, that was fast.

The confetti had barely been swept up in Minneapolis (and it barely started flying in Philadelphia) when the offseason started with a flurry of questions. Would Bill Belichick come back for another season? Where's Baker Mayfield going? Will Andrew Luck be ready for Josh McDaniels' first season with the Colts?

Wait. McDaniels isn't going to Indy after all? He's staying in New England? Forget the Super Bowl. This is big news!

Reserve contracts are being signed, draft talk is heating up and free agency is being pondered. It's almost like we can't enjoy the afterglow of an exciting championship that featured the most yards of any NFL game ever, which came down to a Hail Mary and ended with an upset victory.

But just like that, the wheels are already turning toward the 2018 season. Last Sunday is history and everyone's looking toward the future. And it's the same in fantasy football.

For most owners, the season didn't end the way we wanted. A bad matchup, a poor lineup decision, Todd Gurley: Whatever it was, something stopped us from taking home the title. And when you fall short, it hurts. You have to watch someone else celebrate and you have to accept that the months you put into the season didn't pay off the way you planned.

But if I learned anything this year, it's that you don't have time to feel bad about a loss, or even celebrate a win. The Patriots have to replace their defensive coordinator. The Eagles have to evaluate Carson Wentz and decide if they're going to trade Nick Foles. Every team, champion or not, has to move on to next season.

So if you had a rotten year, you're already in the same boat as your league's winner. It's already old news. If you draft rookies in your league, you might already be working on the upcoming season. If you have contracts or keepers, you'll get there soon enough. If the Eagles can't really dwell on last season, you can't, either.

In a way, that's a good thing. You don't have to obsess over a tough finish. Just gear up and start over. But really, I think there's something to be said for letting things settle for a bit. Don't the Eagles deserve to dominate football coverage for a while? Do we have to talk about the draft already, or debate where Kirk Cousins is going?

If you won your league, shouldn't that be the final statement for a while? Is success that fleeting? Why put so much energy into something you hardly have time to enjoy? Even if you didn't win, you probably had fun. Maybe we should just enjoy a good year and let the excitement build for next season. Or should we call it "this season" already?

There are a lot of things you won't want to miss. The Winter Olympics means the return of the Olympiad's most underrated sport: Curling. And when the NHL playoffs start, watch out. Every game is intense.

And that doesn't even count March Madness. You have to make time for a couple brackets, right?

I'm not an Eagles fan and I'm not a Patriots fan. Still, they put on a great show for the world to see, and we should let that be the exclamation point on an NFL season that was decimated by injuries and maybe a little underwhelming. But cable shows and sports radio stations are already talking about next season like the Super Bowl is a distant memory. You might be sorry to see football go, and the discussion keeps your head in the game instead of having to face months without it. But I encourage you to give yourself a little break and enjoy some other things going on. You might even have a family that wouldn't mind seeing you. Give them some attention. You might discover that they're pretty cool people.

So please, enjoy some time off. Ignore the talking heads. Until next month at least, when free agency starts. Then it's time for the draft, and then minicamps, and on and on and on. You get the point. Fantasy Index will be there for all of it, too. So you're never really alone!

As for me, I'll see you in the summertime. Go Lightning! Go Team USA Curling!

What do you plan to do during the offseason? How long is your actual offseason, anyway? Were you happy with how your year turned out? Share your thoughts below.