Can other of our readers in Sparta, Mich. tell us whether Brian Baker drives a DeLorean? With a flux capacitor? Click through to compare his almost-impossibly too-good Week 9 lineup to the perfect lineup and the overall season-long rankings. (And please give us some guidance on an important question.)

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section: We usually try to black out players who (we think) would appear on nearly all entries. We want the Blackout entries to look different -- it's no fun if everybody is choosing the same players. Fantasy Index publisher Ian Allan has suggested trying some gimmicks for fun -- e.g. blacking out all AFC players, blacking out players from a particular division, etc.. Would that be a fun wrinkle? Or would it just be a nuisance? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Now, back to Week 9.

We believe Brian Baker is the first Blackout winner to correctly pick seven maximum points players. He hit both max-points QBs, both max-points running backs, two of the three max-points receivers, and one of the max points tight ends. He missed the two high-scoring defenses, but when a hitter crushes seven home runs over 12 at-bats, you don't complain that he hit singles in his other five at-bats. We'll award Brian a $25 Fantasy Index gift certificate in recognition of his superior ability.

Enter now for Week 10!

Week 9 winning score
Brian Baker, Sparta, Mich. - Brian B.
QBDrew BreesNO34.9
QBJared GoffLAR35.3
RBChristian McCaffreyCAR27.7
RBAlvin KamaraNO29.6
WRDeAndre HopkinsHOU16.5
WRMichael ThomasNO27.1
WRJulio JonesATL18.1
TEO.J. HowardTB17.3
TEDavid NjokuCLE5.3
PKHarrison ButkerKC7.0
PKStephen GostkowskiNE7.0
Week 9 perfect score
QBJared GoffLAR35.25
QBDrew BreesNO34.90
RBKareem HuntKC32.10
RBAlvin KamaraNO29.60
RBChristian McCaffreyCAR27.70
WRMichael ThomasNO27.10
WRJosh GordonNE19.00
WRJulio JonesATL18.10
TEO.J. HowardTB17.30
TEGeorge KittleSF16.80
PKCody ParkeyCHI11.00
PKJustin TuckerBAL10.00
PKRobbie GouldSF10.00

In the overall race, we're back to that Math guy again. If he doesn't come up with a better team name, we may have to ask Brian Baker to do something about the overall standings. Of course, Brian needs to go into the settings and give his own team a name, instead of the default. So on second thought, scratch that.

Top 25 overall after Week 9 games
1.3.1727.6Math ManiaSteven MathAustin, Texas
2.1.1712.8SHADOW DADDavid WildeMukwonago, Wisc.
3.2.1697.8UserME59Norm CostinCohasset, Mass.
4.11.1687.6TROY S.Troy SperbeckArden Hills, Minn.
5.8.1682.5David G.David GaribalidiHuntington Beach, Calif.
6.21.1677.8Steve T.Steve TortoraWallingford, Conn.
7.4.1677.7James C.James CrawfordAtlanta
8.10.1677.3BUCXPRESSRobert BuckmannMount Dora, Fla.
9.14.1676.7Purple ReignRobert LantvitBerwyn, Ill.
10.5.1672.0Rich Z.Rich ZenorSchaumburg, Ill.
11.9.1669.6The HeaterRobert HeaterGaithersburg, Md.
12.35.1669.3ToloClay TolonenForest Lake, Minn.
13.19.1668.4South Bay BorrachosTodd VoorheesChula Vista, Calif.
14.27.1667.7David P.David ParkerConcord, Calif.
15.39.1667.4Steve R.Steve RobertsonPhoenix, Ore.
16.20.1663.0JK TooJohn KunkaOrland Park, Ill.
17.15.1661.0Matthew S.Matthew ShaughnessyChicago
18.13.1660.6Serving CrowRandy JacksonLone Tree, Colo.
19.25.1660.1spencedogJeffrey SpencerClearwater, Fla.
20.6.1659.4WarriorsSam WoodNorthborough, Mass.
21.7.1653.8Brian B.Brian BurgeNiles, Mich.
22.42.1646.4Friar TuckMike TuckerBaton Rouge, La.
23.29.1645.2Whoops EifertedFrank ReadCranberry Twp, Pa.
24.23.1641.1Brian H.Brian HarperColumbia Heights, Minn.
25.18.1641.0The Watch DogPeter RichmondAlexandria, Va.
Weekly scoring leaders, 2018 season:
WeekNameTownTeamPointsPerfect scorePct Perfect
9Brian BakerSparta, Mich.Brian B.237.8291.881.5%
8Duke FameCincinnatiThe First Crowëll201.6273.673.7%
7Todd VoorheesChula Vista, Calif.South Bay Borrachos209.1299.169.91%
6Tom ClairAdair, Okla.Slitherbacks265.1317.883.43%
5Matt MumfordTilliamook, Ore.Aztecs212.4309.268.69%
4Carl NobleEllicott City, Md.Nobes237.0327.872.30%
3Michael DayStoneham, Mass.Scruff Dog199.8282.870.65%
2Clay TolonenForest Lake, MinnTOLO237.1310.076.48%
1Michael LivengoodWard, Ark.Saquon Destroy249.1331.875.08%