JuJu Smith-Schuster is on pace to finish the season with 1,519 receiving yards. He is 22 years old. Who is the only other active player who went over 1,500 receiving yards when he was 22?


Josh Gordon, who went for 1,646 yards in just 14 games for the Browns in 2013. Gordon and Smith-Schuster will play in the same game this week (when New England visits Pittsburgh). One other 22-year-old has gone over 1,500: Isaac Bruce, who after not making much of an impact as a rookie exploded for 1,781 yards for the Rams in 1995 (their first season in St. Louis). Players going over 1,500 yards as 23-year-olds include David Boston (1,598 with Arizona in 2001), Jerry Rice (1,570 for San Francisco in 1986) and DeAndre Hopkins (1,521 for Houston in 2015). For complete chart, see the Pro Football Reference website. This question was submitted by Ben Hogevoll.