Patrick Mahomes is having a great year. By the end of the day Sunday, it might go down as the best ever, for fantasy purposes.

Scoring systems vary, but in a general sense, Mahomes is in range to finish with the No. 1 season by a quarterback. With 2 TD passes, he’ll join Peyton Manning and Tom Brady as the only quarterbacks to throw 50 touchdowns in a season. Unlike those guys, he’s also a factor as a runner. He’s got 271 rushing yards.

For typical scoring formats, if Mahomes puts up another one of his typical games, he’ll become the most productive single-season quarterback ever.

He’s already No. 2, if using the scoring system of 6 points for touchdowns, 4 for TD passes, 1 for every 20 passing yards and 1 for every 10 rushing yards, with 2 points subtracted for interceptions.

2013Peyton Manning, Den.5,477-3155110476.8
2018Patrick Mahomes, K.C.4,81627148211449.9
2007Tom Brady, N.E.4,806985028446.1
2011Drew Brees, N.O.5,4768646114444.4
2011Aaron Rodgers, G.B.4,6432574536443.9
2015Cam Newton, Car.3,837636351010435.5
2016Aaron Rodgers, G.B.4,4283694047428.3
2011Tom Brady, N.E.5,23510939312422.7
2004Daunte Culpepper, Minn.4,71740639211422.5
2013Drew Brees, N.O.5,1625239312413.3
1984Dan Marino, Mia.5,084-748017411.5
2014Andrew Luck, Ind.4,76127340316411.4
1998Steve Young, S.F.4,17045436612409.9
2004Peyton Manning, Ind.4,5573849010407.7
2011Cam Newton, Car.4,051706211417407.2
2014Aaron Rodgers, G.B.4,3812693825400.0
2012Drew Brees, N.O.5,177543119399.4
2016Matt Ryan, Atl.4,9441173807396.9
2012Aaron Rodgers, G.B.4,2952593928392.7
2016Drew Brees, N.O.5,2082037215392.4
2015Tom Brady, N.E.4,770533637391.8
2011Matthew Stafford, Det.5,0387841016391.7
1990Randall Cunningham, Phil.3,46694230513391.5
2017Russell Wilson, Sea.3,98358634311389.8
1994Steve Young, S.F.3,96929335710389.8
2009Aaron Rodgers, G.B.4,4343163057389.3
2012Tom Brady, N.E.4,827323448388.6
2000Daunte Culpepper, Minn.3,93747033716385.9
2000Jeff Garcia, S.F.4,27841431410383.3
1995Brett Favre, G.B.4,41318138313382.8
2015Russell Wilson, Sea.4,0245533418382.5
1990Warren Moon, Hou.4,68921533213374.0
2018Ben Roethlisberger, Pitt.4,8429533315371.6
1999Kurt Warner, St.L.4,3539241113370.9
2015Blake Bortles, Jac.4,42831035218368.4
2012Cam Newton, Car.3,86974119812367.6
1986Dan Marino, Mia.4,746-344023367.0
2014Russell Wilson, Sea.3,4758492067360.7
2014Ben Roethlisberger, Pitt.4,952273209360.3
1999Steve Beuerlein, Car.4,43612436215360.2

—Ian Allan