The Sunday morning inactives from the Patriots-Chargers game are out, and Hunter Henry is active, as expected. It seems unlikely he'll play very much, just seven months removed from a torn ACL, but he wouldn't be active if they didn't at least expect to put him on the field some.

So if you're in a daily league picking players from today's games, that lessens the appeal of Antonio Gates. If Philip Rivers throw a little goal-line flip to a tight end for a touchdown, there are now three different Chargers tight ends (including Virgil Green) with a shot to catch it.

There are no noteworthy inactives for New England, unless you want to count Stephen Anderson, the pass-catching tight end recently promoted from the practice squad. New England is pretty much healthy.

I usually expect one of these favored divisional round home teams to stumbled, but it didn't happen in what I figured were the likeliest two candidates yesterday. So maybe New England? Chargers have played great on the road this year. I'm just not confident they can put up enough offense.

It would be stunning if the Eagles spring the upset in New Orleans, but Nick Foles has been doing stunning the last couple of years. So we'll see. If I were betting, though, I'd go with both home teams winning today.

--Andy Richardson