Cole Beasley is entering free agency, and it appears likely he'll wind up with a new team. Rather than looking to re-up with Dallas, he seems more interested in burning bridges with the Cowboys.

Beasley says the front office determines where the passes go; presumably he feels he'd have put up bigger numbers if Jerry Jones hadn't been orchestrating where the ball goes like a puppet master. Maybe there's something to that thought -- we all suspected the Cowboys would want to make their midseason acquisition of Amari Cooper look good by sending lots of passes his way -- but Beasley might be giving himself a little too much credit here, too. He's not a difference-maker the offense should be built around. He's a low-impact possession receiver who can likely be replaced without missing a beat.

Two years in a row, Beasley has been one of the league's least impactful wideouts as far as making big plays. In each of those seasons, under 6 percent of his receptions have gone for 20-plus yards. Among wideouts who have caught at least 35 passes, that's down with guys who generally have either been disappointments (Laquon Treadwell), bounced around on and off rosters or been phased out of the offense (Ryan Switzer, Trent Taylor), or couldn't find steady work last year (Kendall Wright).

Not that all of those players are poor; a lot of it has to do with the routes they're running. But the vast majority of the players in Beasley territory aren't special, and won't get huge contracts anytime soon. They're replaceable parts.

Beasley has filled a role in Dallas. But he might regret speaking ill of his current employer, reducing the number of teams willing to give him a contract. He's probably not in line for a big contract in free agency (although it only takes one team, I suppose).

All wideouts who have caught at least 35 passes in either of the last two seasons are shown below, sorted by percentage of 20-yard plays.

2018Courtland Sutton, Den. 4270416.84241638.1%
2017Marvin Jones, Det.61110118.05892032.8%
2018DeSean Jackson, T.B. 4177418.975T 41331.7%
2018Chris Hogan, N.E.3553215.263T 31131.4%
2018Tyreek Hill, K.C.8714791775T 122731.0%
2018Mike Evans, T.B.86152417.772T 82630.2%
2018Josh Gordon, N.E.407201855T 31230.0%
2018Tyler Lockett, Sea.5796516.952T 101729.8%
2017Paul Richardson, Sea.4470316.061t61329.5%
2018T.Y. Hilton, Ind.76127016.768T 62228.9%
2017Ted Ginn, N.O.5378714.854t41528.3%
2018Rashard Higgins, Clev.3957214.74041128.2%
2017Tyrell Williams, LAC4372816.975t41227.9%
2017Brandin Cooks, N.E.65108216.664t71827.7%
2018Tyler Boyd, Cin.76102813.54972127.6%
2018Brandin Cooks, LAR80120415.15752227.5%
2018Kenny Golladay, Det.70106315.26051927.1%
2017Robby Anderson, NYJ6394114.969t71727.0%
2018Tyrell Williams, LAC4165315.975T 51126.8%
2017Antonio Brown, Pitt.101153315.25792726.7%
2017Keelan Cole, Jac.4274817.875t31126.2%
2018John Brown, Balt.42715177151126.2%
2017Julio Jones, Atl.88144416.45332326.1%
2018A.J. Green, Cin.4669415.138T 61226.1%
2018Mike Williams, LAC 4366415.455T 101125.6%
2017DeAndre Hopkins, Hou.96137814.472t132425.0%
2017T.Y. Hilton, Ind.5796616.980t41424.6%
2017Rishard Matthews, Tenn.5379515.075t41324.5%
2017Kenny Stills, Mia.5884714.661t61424.1%
2017Doug Baldwin, Sea.7599113.25481824.0%
2017Devin Funchess, Car.6384013.34481523.8%
2017Emmanuel Sanders, Den.4755511.83821123.4%
2018Robert Woods, LAR86121914.239T 62023.3%
2017Marquise Goodwin, S.F.5696217.283t21323.2%
2018Corey Davis, Tenn.6589113.75141523.1%
2017Sammy Watkins, LAR3959315.267t8923.1%
2018Dede Westbrook, Jac.6671710.961T 51522.7%
2018Cooper Kupp, LAR4056614.270T 6922.5%
2017Ryan Grant, Wash.4557312.740t41022.2%
2018Odell Beckham, NYG77105213.75161722.1%
2017Adam Thielen, Minn.91127614.065t42022.0%
2017Stefon Diggs, Minn.6484913.359t81421.9%
2017Robert Woods, LAR5678113.994t51221.4%
2018Julio Jones, Atl.113167714.85882421.2%
2017Michael Thomas, N.O.104124512.04352221.2%
2017Mike Wallace, Balt.5274814.46641121.2%
2017Deonte Thompson, Chi-Buf3855514.6462821.1%
2018Marquez Valdes-Scantling, G.B.3858115.3602821.1%
2017Kelvin Benjamin, Car-Buf4869214.44321020.8%
2017JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pitt.5891715.897t71220.7%
2018DeAndre Hopkins, Hou.115157213.749T 112320.0%
2017Tyreek Hill, K.C.75118315.879t71520.0%
2018Allen Robinson, Chi.5575413.74341120.0%
2017DeSean Jackson, T.B.5066813.44131020.0%
2018Robby Anderson, NYJ507521576T 61020.0%
2017Cooper Kupp, LAR6286914.06451219.4%
2018Kenny Stills , MIA 3755314.975T 6718.9%
2017Amari Cooper, Oak.4868014.287t7918.8%
2018Antonio Callaway, Clev.4358613.6715818.6%
2018Christian Kirk, Ariz.4359013.775T 3818.6%
2018Jarius Wright, Car.4344710.4331818.6%
2018Keelan Cole, Jac.3849112.9351718.4%
2018Emmanuel Sanders, Den.7186812.264T 41318.3%
2017Jamison Crowder, Wash.6678912.04131218.2%
2018Sterling Shepard, NYG6687213.25841218.2%
2018Devin Funchess, Car.4454912.5274818.2%
2017Demaryius Thomas, Den.8394911.44051518.1%
2018Doug Baldwin, Sea.5061812.4425918.0%
2017Keenan Allen, LAC102139313.75161817.6%
2018Sammy Watkins, K.C.4051913503717.5%
2018Calvin Ridley, Atl.6482112.875T 101117.2%
2017Josh Doctson, Wash.3550214.352t6617.1%
2018Chris Godwin, T.B.5984214.34871016.9%
2017Torrey Smith, Phil.3643011.959t2616.7%
2017Roger Lewis, NYG3641611.6342616.7%
2018D.J. Moore, Car.5578814.3822916.4%
2018Antonio Brown, Pitt.104129712.578T 151716.3%
2018Davante Adams, G.B.111138612.557131816.2%
2018JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pitt.111142612.897T 71816.2%
2018Julian Edelman, N.E.7485011.53661216.2%
2018Jarvis Landry, Clev.819761251T 41316.0%
2018Josh Doctson, Wash.4453212.1322715.9%
2017DeVante Parker, Mia.5767011.8361915.8%
2018Quincy Enunwa, NYJ3844911.8421615.8%
2018Nelson Agholor, Phil.6473611.583T 41015.6%
2018Seth Roberts, Oak.4549411442715.6%
2018Curtis Samuel, Car.3949412.753T 5615.4%
2018Adam Thielen, Minn.113137312.26891715.0%
2017Pierre Garcon, S.F.4050012.5590615.0%
2017Mohamed Sanu, Atl.6770310.52551014.9%
2017Larry Fitzgerald, Ariz.109115610.63761614.7%
2018Donte Moncrief, Jac.4866813.980T 3714.6%
2017Nelson Agholor, Phil.6276812.472t8914.5%
2018Kendrick Bourne, S.F.4248711.6334614.3%
2018Marvin Jones, Det.3550814.539T 5514.3%
2017Alshon Jeffery, Phil.5778913.853t9814.0%
2017Martavis Bryant, Pitt.5060312.1513714.0%
2017Seth Roberts, Oak.4345510.6291614.0%
2017Jermaine Kearse, NYJ6581012.5515913.8%
2018Alshon Jeffery, Phil.6584313526913.8%
2017Michael Crabtree, Oak.5861810.741t8813.8%
2018Michael Thomas, N.O.125140511.272T 91713.6%
2018Keenan Allen, LAC97119612.35461313.4%
2018Stefon Diggs, Minn.10210211075T 91312.7%
2017Mike Evans, T.B.71100114.142t5912.7%
2018Zay Jones, Buff.5665211.6577712.5%
2017A.J. Green, Cin.75107814.477t8912.0%
2017Sterling Shepard, NYG5973112.477t2711.9%
2017Dez Bryant, Dall.6983812.150t6811.6%
2018Larry Fitzgerald, Ariz.6973410.6376811.6%
2017Brandon LaFell, Cin.5254810.5453611.5%
2017Danny Amendola, N.E.6165910.8272711.5%
2017Terrance Williams, Dall.5356810.7560611.3%
2018Amari Cooper, Dall.5372513.790T 6611.3%
2018Jordy Nelson, Oak.6373911.7663711.1%
2018Michael Crabtree, Balt.5460711.2273611.1%
2017Tyler Lockett, Sea.4555512.374t2511.1%
2017Golden Tate, Det.92100310.971t51010.9%
2017Davante Adams, G.B.7488512.055t10810.8%
2017Marqise Lee, Jac.5670212.5453610.7%
2017Randall Cobb, G.B.666539.9464710.6%
2018Mohamed Sanu, Atl.6683812.744T 4710.6%
2018Randall Cobb, G.B.3838310.175T 2410.5%
2018Taylor Gabriel, Chi.6768810.3542710.4%
2017Allen Hurns, Jac.3948412.4502410.3%
2017Albert Wilson, K.C.4255413.263t349.5%
2018Chester Rogers, Ind.534859.234259.4%
2017Eric Decker, Tenn.5456310.429159.3%
2018Adam Humphries, T.B.7681610.751579.2%
2018Ryan Grant, Ind.353349.523138.6%
2017Adam Humphries, T.B.6163110.343158.2%
2018Jermaine Kearse, NYJ373711029138.1%
2018Taywan Taylor, Tenn.3746612.655138.1%
2018Willie Snead, Balt.6265110.528158.1%
2017Jordy Nelson, G.B.534829.158647.5%
2017Jeremy Maclin, Balt.4044011.048t337.5%
2018Danny Amendola, Mia.595759.739146.8%
2017Cole Beasley, Dall.363148.754425.6%
2017Jarvis Landry, Mia.1129878.849965.4%
2017Trent Taylor, S.F.4343010.033224.7%
2018Cole Beasley, Dall.6567210.332T 334.6%
2018Laquon Treadwell, Minn.353028.622112.9%
2018Ryan Switzer, Pitt.36253724112.8%
2017Kendall Wright, Chi.5961410.422111.7%

--Andy Richardson