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Which player with a new team do you most want to see?

The B's (Bell, Brown, Beckham) have it

ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Which player who changed teams are you most looking forward to seeing this preseason?


LeVeon Bell. A new team combined with a year off and an attitude. Let's see what shape he is in. What condition the Jets OL is in and how much Sam Darnold leans on the vet. It will be interesting to watch, especially if Melvin Gordon and Zeke both go the “LeVeon” road and sit out time.

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Off the BBBeaten path of Bell, Beckham and Brown, I really want to get a look at Tevin Coleman in San Francisco. There should be substantial value somewhere in the Niners' backfield -- pretty much everyone they plugged into the system last year was immediately useful -- but which guy might lead the committee is a complete mystery for now. HC Kyle Shanahan knows Coleman well, of course, but he and GM John Lynch moved aggressively to add Jerick McKinnon last offseason, and then Matt Breida was hugely impressive during the season for as long as his body cooperated. I personally like Breida best of the three, but Shanahan and I don't really talk anymore. He's a busy guy. Let's see what the preseason rotation looks like.

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LeVeon Bell is an elite running back, but he’s been away from the game for over a year and has been dropped into a new, lesser situation. I want to see what the fit looks like there. Can the offense open any holes for him? Does he still have elite, top-end ability? And are they going to use him extensively in the passing game. If he checks all the right boxes, Bell will move up into the top 10 at his position on my board.

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Easily I most want to see what Odell Beckham can do paired with Baker Mayfield. Antonio Brown is obviously interesting as well but Derek Carr projects as just an average QB. Mayfield has the look of a long-time elite passer and now has one of the premier targets in the NFL. Beckham’s injury history hopefully won’t reprise in Cleveland, because he could be even more special there.

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LeVeon Bell. There are so many questions that need to be answered after his year off. Running behind a shoddy N.Y. Jets line vs. one of the best offensive lines with Pittsburgh will be a test for him. Often times these running backs that demand more money and hold out seem to forget about the guys that open the holes for them in the first place.

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This is an easy one, Antonio Brown. I want to see how the Raiders and Derek Carr manage that huge ego!

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There’s a lot of really high-end players on new teams this year (most notably all the killer B’s - Odell Beckham, LeVeon Bell and Antonio Brown). It’s going to be fun to see all of them on new teams. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing Baker Mayfield throwing deep with Beckham on the other end making new amazing-catch highlights. However, my No. 1 to see is LeVeon Bell. For starters, we haven’t seen him play for a full year. Bell’s style is also so unique in NFL annals really with his Barry Sanders-like pause and go skills. There’s a limited number of elite fantasy bellow franchise running backs and Bell slots right back as one. Bell’s re-addition to the NFL elite will be even more of a welcome sight with Ezekiel Elliott and Melvin Gordon holding out while Todd Gurley’s elite status is in question.

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Beckham for me. With Bell and Brown, I think their best years might be behind them, and am not sure how great their situation is. Beckham is a young star going to work with a young star quarterback on an up-and-coming team. Exciting stuff. As far as smaller names, I'll pick another Brown -- John Brown -- in Buffalo. It's a wide-open depth chart. Maybe he and Josh Allen can connect on some long touchdowns this season.

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