Today we updated our Terms And Conditions to account for some of the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Summary of changes

  • We added a line stating that the Terms And Conditions apply to basically everything we offer including: The free areas on the website; our paid subscriber content; any contests that we run; and any other products or services we offer;
  • We added a "Force Majeure" section. Basically, this states that if unforeseeable catastrophic events occur, we have the option to suspend service and make reasonable decisions until it becomes possible for us to resume service;
  • We added a "reservation of rights" section that allows us to extend, modify, suspend or cancel our offerings in the case of a Force Majeure event. In the case of a Force Majeure event, this section gives us the right to determine whether any compensation will be offered, and what it will be;

In essence, we are giving ourselves flexibility to react according to our best judgment if events beyond our control cause an interruption in the NFL season.

We've written about our intentions specific to the COVID-19 situation here.