So the NFL Network is in the process of unveiling its Top 100 players of 2020 list, and as always there's some debate and controversy. Including from the ranked players themselves, like 77th-ranked Keenan Allen.

Allen raised eyebrows complaining about his ranking, while calling out some wide receivers ranked ahead of him: Mike Evans, Tyreek Hill, Chris Godwin. Maybe Allen is right; regardless, probably not the best choice to rip others, especially athletes who had nothing to do with the rankings. Evans responded critically, and there was some back-and-forth, interesting to those who like players arguing with each other.

On Allen's behalf, he does seem to be somewhat underrated. He had some injury issues early in his career, but he's started every game the last three seasons. And in that time very few wide receivers have put up better per-game numbers. In NFL terms, and in fantasy.

Among receivers to start at least half of the last three seasons, only six have put up more fantasy points per game (PPR) than Allen. Hill is one of them; Evans and Godwin are not. Table shows the top 50 over those seasons.

Antonio Brown307.
DeAndre Hopkins466.889.5.2.7020.0
Michael Thomas487.991.1-.2.4819.8
Davante Adams416.579.7.0.7018.7
Julio Jones476.496.1.5.3618.2
Tyreek Hill435.
Keenan Allen486.378.92.1.4016.8
Julian Edelman286.
Mike Evans445.
Adam Thielen425.673.01.1.4815.9
Chris Godwin314.975.3.3.5715.9
Odell Beckham325.574.72.8.4315.8
Stefon Diggs445.
Robert Woods435.472.96.6.3515.4
A.J. Green254.870.9.0.5615.3
Jarvis Landry485.865.42.0.4215.0
Cooper Kupp395.
Tyler Boyd305.569.1.9.4014.9
JuJu Smith-Schuster425.
DJ Moore255.
Marvin Jones384.
Calvin Ridley294.458.22.1.6014.0
Amari Cooper454.563.9.7.4913.9
Allen Robinson305.
T.Y. Hilton404.568.4.0.3813.5
Golden Tate425.
Alshon Jeffery384.355.6.1.5513.2
Kenny Golladay423.965.0.4.4513.1
Larry Fitzgerald485.356.1.3.3513.0
Sterling Shepard374.958.92.9.2612.7
Brandin Cooks464.
Will Fuller283.957.0.3.5012.6
Doug Baldwin294.355.5-.3.4612.6
Emmanuel Sanders414.555.91.6.3312.2
Tyler Lockett483.853.72.5.4412.1
Michael Gallup253.761.3.0.3311.8
Christian Kirk254.452.05.1.2511.7
Devin Funchess274.
Robby Anderson463.653.7.1.4011.4
DeSean Jackson293.455.22.3.3411.3
DeVante Parker393.955.9.0.2811.2
Jamison Crowder404.350.31.7.2811.2
Courtland Sutton323.656.8.5.3111.2
Mike Williams313.
Dede Westbrook374.
Demaryius Thomas424.
Mohamed Sanu454.
Nelson Agholor433.843.41.2.3810.6
John Brown413.350.6.5.3610.5

Allen would have probably been wisest to let his play do the talking. Although that might not help him this year, since he'll have some combination of Tyrod Taylor and Justin Herbert trying to get him the ball instead of Philip Rivers. But regardless, he might have a point in complaining about where he's slotted on the NFL Network's list.

--Andy Richardson