Every Saturday morning, I'll take a quick look at all the week's games, offering my own brief take on what I think will happen, as well as touching on significant injury news since our Weekly came out. I'll check in every so often over the course of the day to answer lineup questions, too.

What follows is a brief look at all the games with how I'd react in my own lineups to injury developments or other news. The official rankings are the ones in the Weekly. Those take precedence. But sometimes players are very close, and in those cases I'm glad to offer opinions on how I'd approach those situations. Sometimes I like certain players more or less than Ian, and sometimes I have different risk tolerance with injuries etc.

If your question doesn't get answered, it's possible the rankings are very clear on those choices. I'm not going to disregard all our research to recommend somebody 15 spots below somebody else. Fair? OK, on to the games.

Eagles at A Football Team: Miles Sanders is the tricky player in this game. He's got a hamstring injury and though he's expected to play, it's possible he'll be limited. Difficult to sit down a player you drafted in the first or second round for the opener, but I'm doing just that in a couple of leagues where I have him. Sounds like Jalen Reagor will play, but it's a similar situation (and I might be reluctant to count on Reagor in Week 1 even if he were fully healthy). Washington will use a committee backfield, I would not want to use any of them in Week 1.

Dolphins at Patriots: Committee backfields for both team, reducing the appeal. Tough secondary facing the Dolphins wide receivers, and New England has N'Keal Harry showing up with a shoulder injury. We have some interest in Harry, but I'd rather take a week to see how things will shake out with that depth chart. Cam Newton and James White look like the relatively safe choices in this game. I think it will be Nick Folk kicking for New England, but no one really knows.

Packers at Vikings:Running backs should be featured in both offenses, and I like the No. 1 wideouts for each team. I picked up the Green Bay defense as a desperation streamer in a league where there's not much left to choose from.

Colts at Jaguars:Occasionally I'll discuss my Survivor Pool. I went with the Colts, because we expect the Colts to be very good and the Jaguars to be very bad. Let's see if Minshew Magic makes me pay for it. I seldom use road teams, but home-away isn't quite the same in this year of few or no fans. Do the Jaguars have fans? I would (am, I think) use Marlon Mack and Jonathan Taylor, and T.Y. Hilton even though I expect the Colts to mostly run it. For Jacksonville, DJ Chark, sure, and Chris Thompson. I picked up James Robinson in a couple of leagues. He's a starting running back and has value, but I'd be careful how I used him in Week 1. I would use him over obvious committee backs on iffy teams, e.g. Detroit, Washington.

Bears at Lions: I'm not using David Montgomery even if he's active. I'm also staying well away from Lions running backs. Kenny Golladay probably won't play, so I'm interested in Marvin Jones, and to a lesser extent T.J. Hockenson. Bears pass catchers (Allen Robinson definitely, Anthony Miller) have some appeal with Chicago likely needing to pass.

Raiders at Panthers: This game is fascinating to me because Carolina is a team we view differently than a lot of the fantasy community, such as it is. Everyone else loves DJ Moore way more than us. We think Carolina is going to suck and it will be a conservative passing game that doesn't force things into any one receiver. Love Josh Jacobs here, and am intrigued by Renfrow, Waller, maybe Edwards. Considered Raiders as a survivor pick.

Jets at Bills: Bills were actually a Survivor Pool pick. They should be a challenger in the AFC East, Jets should be paying for the Adam Gase hiring all year. I'd use LeVeon, Crowder and Chris Herndon and otherwise steer clear of the Jets. Not sure how the Singletary-Moss backfield is going to break down, I know I wouldn't want to start either in Week 1. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs, those are my favorites, and would use Singletary if necessary.

New Browns at Old Browns: Ravens should win this game easily but I stayed away in the pool because many will remember the Browns pulling an upset early last year. But Cleveland's defense should be soft in the middle and I expect Mark Ingram to have a very good game and Lamar Jackson and his main receivers to be solid as well. Ravens showed no qualms about running up the score at times a year ago. Cleveland, it's a new year and new offense, so we'll see. Chubb, Hunt, Beckham and Landry -- if you drafted these guys they're starting for you. But a good defense they'll face.

Seahawks at Falcons: Probably on the higher-scoring side, and I'd be using key starters. I place no stock in Pete Carroll saying something this week about a hot-hand backfield with Carson and Hyde. Believe it if you see it. Here's where we find out if we're right or led you astray on Hayden Hurst.

Chargers at Bengals: Intriguing because of Joe Burrow's debut. Might be a higher-scoring game given defensive injuries. I like the main runners and pass catchers for both teams. Not injured Mike Williams even if he's active.

Cardinals at 49ers: Story this week that air quality might have this game be postponed. Tweet I saw, Who had fires cancelling a game this year before COVID-19? I'm assuming it will be played (and in trouble if not because Gould is my only kicker in a couple of leagues) but this will have to be monitored, and those with key Niners and Cardinals should at least be prepared to maybe needing to use other options. Tevin Coleman might need to sit even if the game is played due to a health consideration, which would be a plus for Raheem Mostert and perhaps even Jerick McKinnon. Again, monitor the news on this game.

Bucs at Saints: Drew Brees versus Tom Brady, that's the marquee story here. Mike Evans is doubtful, usually that means he ain't playing. I would not care to use Ronald Jones or Leonard Fournette until we see how that backfield shakes out. Should be a higher-scoring game and a fun one.

Cowboys at Rams: I have Cam Akers in a couple of leagues but am sitting him because it might be a three-back committee. Passing games should be good and I'm fine using the main receivers for both teams. Primetime game.

Steelers at Giants: Giants D probably won't be too good, Steelers offense has plenty of talent but a possibly rusty Ben Roethlisberger. If I happened to draft James Conner anywhere I'd use him, same with JuJu, but I managed to avoid having these guys on any teams. For the Giants, Golden Tate is iffy, which is a positive for the healthy guys, Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram. Worried a little that the pass rush will be all over Daniel Jones.

Titans at Broncos: Denver loses Von Miller for basically the season to a practice injury, and Courtland Sutton (perhaps) for this game. Rough. Melvin Gordon probably the best Bronco to use, and I like Noah Fant. For the Titans, Derrick Henry and A.J. Brown look like the good options, most everyone else I'd wait and see. Denver defense won't have Miller and Bradley Chubb might be limited, so maybe I'm giving them too much credit.

As noted, I'll offer opinions on close lineup questions and explain our thinking on rankings. If I don't answer that type of question right away, be patient, I'll get to them by the end of the day. Good luck in Week 1, and enjoy the games.

--Andy Richardson