Most football fans saw DeVonta Smith tearing up college football last year, leading Alabama to a national championship and winning the Heisman -- first wideout to do so since Desmond Howard. But Smith probably won't be the first receiver drafted next month, and size has everything to do with it.

Alabama listed him at 6-foot-1 and 175 pounds, and unlike some athletes who try to exaggerate their height or weight, Smith is going the other way. He says he weighs 170 pounds, and isn't concerned about teams doubting him because of it.

"I feel like it's not going to be no different than college," he said. "I played against some of the best in college. I played in the SEC. I feel like that's the toughest conference there is. I know a lot of people that's bigger than me and have more problems than me. I'm not worried about it at all."

Smith will certainly be a first-round pick, but it's not surprising teams will have some pause before selecting him that early. There have been only four wide receivers weighing less than 180 pounds selected in the first round this century, and none lived up to that status. R. Jay Soward, Ted Ginn, Tavon Austin and Hollywood Brown two years ago -- that's the list.

That being said, some similarly built wide receivers have slipped out of the first round, and shouldn't have. Second-rounder DeSean Jackson and third-rounders T.Y. Hilton and John Brown; those guys have outperformed where they've been selected. Hilton and Jackson have been legit No. 1s. Smith could be one of those types of players. Other undersized wideouts from the last 1o years (182-pound Tyler Lockett and 186-pound Emmanuel Sanders, both third-rounders) have had multiple top-25 seasons.

Table shows wideouts selected in the first three rounds over the past decade that tipped the scales at 190 pounds or less. Final column shows their top fantasy season. Players with top-25 finishes are in bold (parentheses show the number of such seasons each has had). Smith and another expected first-rounder, Alabama's Jaylen Waddle, are included.

YearRdPkPlayerSchoolHtWtBest FF
2019125Marquise Brown, Balt.Oklahoma5.0916636th
2011244Titus Young, Det.Boise State5.1117445th
2021??DeVonta Smith, ??Alabama6.01175??
201318Tavon Austin, St.L.West Virginia5.0817627th
2020246KJ Hamler, Den.Penn State5.0917888th
2012392T.Y. Hilton, Ind.Florida International5.091785th (5)
2014391John Brown, Ariz.Pittsburg State (Kan.)5.1017920th (2)
2013378Marquise Goodwin, Buff.Texas5.0917931st
2011383Jerrel Jernigan, NYGTroy (Ala.)5.0918187th
2021??Jaylen Waddle, ??Alabama5.10182??
2015369Tyler Lockett, Sea.Kansas State5.101828th (3)
2013379Markus Wheaton, Pitt.Oregon State5.1118245th
2019366Diontae Johnson, Pitt.Toledo5.1018321st (1)
2014245Paul Richardson, Sea.Colorado6.0018339th
2011382Vincent Brown, S.D.San Diego State5.1118478th
2015129Phillip Dorsett, Ind.Miami5.1018571st
2018244Dante Pettis, S.F.Washington6.0018671st
2016121Will Fuller, Hou.Notre Dame6.0018632nd
2010382Emmanuel Sanders, Pitt.Southern Methodist5.111865th (4)
2019256Mecole Hardman, K.C.Georgia5.1018759th
2019262Andy Isabella , Ariz.Massachusetts5.09188114th
201719John Ross, Cin.Washington5.1118874th
2018126Calvin Ridley, Atl.Alabama6.011895th (2)
2014120Brandin Cooks, N.O.Oregon State5.1018910th (5)
2016115Corey Coleman, Clev.Baylor5.1119082nd
2013241Robert Woods, Buff.Southern Cal6.0019011th (3)

--Andy Richardson