Two of the teams considered candidates to select quarterbacks in the first round have just exchanged a quarterback. Teddy Bridgewater is on the move, leaving Carolina for Denver.

Reports suggest he adjusted his contract to facilitate a deal. The Panthers are picking up a sixth-round pick in the deal, while also agreeing to pay $7 million of the guaranteed money left on Bridgewater’s contract. They were just looking to move him out the door.

The trade doesn’t necessarily mean the Broncos wouldn’t consider a quarterback with their first-round pick. They might view Bridgewater a nice bridge option to pair with somebody like Trey Lance or Justin Fields. He also gives them another viable option to potentially start. Their new GM, George Paton, says Bridgewater will compete with holdover Drew Lock.

Bridgewater tends to be a game-manager type quarterback, taking care of the ball and settling for short passes underneath, but not having the arm talent to consistently connect on downfield passes.

Over the last two years, 32 quarterbacks have started at least half the time. Of that group, Bridgewater ranks 4th in completion percentage (at close to 69 percent). Lock in the same time frame has completed a league-low 59 percent of his passes.

COMPLETION PERCENTAGE (last two seasons)
Drew Brees2372.4%5,9215110111.2
Derek Carr3268.8%8,1574817101.1
Deshaun Watson3168.8%8,6755919105.5
Teddy Bridgewater2068.8%5,117241394.1
Jimmy Garoppolo2268.7%5,074341899.9
Kirk Cousins3168.3%7,8686119106.1
Russell Wilson3267.5%8,3227118105.7
Ryan Tannehill2667.3%6,5615513110.6
Philip Rivers3266.9%8,784473192.6
Aaron Rodgers3266.2%8,301749107.9
Patrick Mahomes2966.1%8,7716411106.9
Dak Prescott2165.9%6,758391599.7
Kyler Murray3265.8%7,693462490.9
Matt Ryan3165.6%9,047522592.7
Lamar Jackson3065.3%5,8846215106.6
Jared Goff3164.9%8,590422988.1
Ben Roethlisberger1764.8%4,154331191.5
Mitchell Trubisky2464.6%5,193331886.8
Josh Allen3264.6%7,633571997.4
Ryan Fitzpatrick2064.2%5,620332189.0
Matthew Stafford2464.2%6,583451599.8
Cam Newton1763.9%3,22981180.6
Tom Brady3263.3%8,690642095.1
Kyle Allen1663.0%3,932211782.9
Gardner Minshew2062.9%5,530371193.1
Daniel Jones2662.2%5,970352284.1
Andy Dalton2261.6%5,664302281.8
Carson Wentz2861.2%6,659432284.6
Baker Mayfield3261.0%7,390482986.9
Sam Darnold2560.9%5,232282479.1
Jameis Winston1660.8%5,184333084.3
Drew Lock1859.1%3,953231879.1

—Ian Allan