Jacksonville opened the draft by selecting Trevor Lawrence and later in the first round picked Travis Etienne. Those guys played together at Clemson. What was the last other team to select two players from the same school in the first round of a draft? Both players are still on the roster of said team.


New England Patriots. In 2018, the Patriots picked tackle Isaiah Wynn with the 23rd pick and chose Sony Michel 31st. They both played their college ball at Georgia. This has happened four other times, but it would be difficult for even the most serious of football trivia experts to come up with any of them. In the 1967 draft, the Vikings selected two Michigan State players with top-10 picks: Clint Jones and Gene Washington (not the Gene Washington who’s now an executive with the league – the other one). In 1989, the Rams selected Bill Hawkins and Cleveland Gary from the University of Miami (Gary was a really interesting player in 1990, with 15 touchdowns but 12 fumbles). In 2005, Washington selected Carlos Rogers and Jason Campbell from Auburn. In 1983, San Diego picked two Arkansas players: Billy Ray Smith and Gary Anderson (Note from Ian: in my first week of fantasy football, Anderson scored a really cool touchdown against the Dolphins, going Superman style over a bunch of guys at the goal-line in 1986; I also had Dan Fouts, so that would have been my first double-dip touchdown play.)