The Steelers used their first-round pick on Najee Harris. They can only hope they have as much success with him as the last first-round pick they used on a Harris running back. They selected Franco Harris with their first pick in 1972, and he had eight seasons with over 1,000 rushing yards (to go along with four Super Bowls and the most famous reception in league history). But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. As it stands right now, what are the only two teams in the last 20 years that have had two players with the same last name both run for over 1,000 yards in a season?


Tennessee (Derrick and Travis Henry), and Denver (Mike and C.J. Anderson). There are some from further back. The Bengals (Rudi and Pete Johnson), the Dolphins (Ricky and Delvin Williams) and the Browns (Greg and Mike Pruitt). The Cleveland pair is the only one where both backs had multiple 1,000-yard seasons (3 for Greg Pruitt in the ‘70s, while Mike Pruitt had 4 seasons, with 3 coming in the early ‘80s).