There’s a famous saying that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes (turns out Andy Warhol didn’t say it, though). But there’s a lesser-known saying that every fantasy football starter will be considered a bum by the team that drafted them for at least one half of football.

That bad half came in week 1 for many players. And unfortunately, a few players got two of them.

With the game less than a minute old, new Saints starter Jameis Winston hit new Saints starter Marquez Callaway for a nice 14-yard gain. It’s clear these guys are clicking. New Orleans would go on to rout the Packers and Winston threw for five touchdowns.

So how many did Callaway get? Three? Two? Actually he got one, as in one reception. The one I just mentioned at the beginning of the game. That was it. I could tell a similar story with Julio Jones, or Aaron Rodgers, or Mike Evans. And if not for some second-half padding, Derrick Henry and Terry McLaurin wouldn’t be far behind. If you didn’t have one of those guys, your turn is probably coming. Maybe even next week.

Now, this isn’t a column about panicking after just one week. I don’t think anyone who has actually played this game feels like giving up on anyone just yet. But I do think a lot of people have a sinking feeling in the pit of their stomachs that the expectations they had for certain players were way too high. This season isn’t going to go the way they envisioned just a few days ago.

And they’re right. It won’t. Because when your team is 0-0, you can spend all day admiring your roster and imagining everything breaking your way. Then reality hits, you become 0-1, and you realize it’s going to be more of a struggle. Just like every year. You might even wonder why you reached for someone who looked very ordinary this past weekend. Again, it happens every year.

The thing is, half your league is licking their wounds and the other half is patting themselves on the back. If you’re in one boat now, you’ll be in the other one eventually. So that feeling in your stomach? That’s a seed of doubt. It won’t mature this week, but if you water it with tears and regret, it will. So don’t let it grow.

It’s silly to tell you not to overreact. You already know that, and you won’t. But I want to go a step further and advise you to nip that doubt in the bud. That feeling that you might have drafted a loser, that the plan isn’t going to work, that it’s so obvious that many guys would be better than what you have? It doesn’t come to a head in week 1, but it starts there. And if it manifests in week 3, you can still hurt your team.

Besides, there’s a good chance that you have an extra week in your regular season, so there’s even less reason to fret over week 1. And by halftime this coming Sunday, those bums might look like MVPs.

That reminds me: What's the over/under on Aaron Rodgers touchdowns against the Lions in week 2? Four? 14? Whatever it is, take the over.

The reverse is also true, by the way. The guys who looked like steals this past Monday might resemble fool’s gold next Monday. When you have a sample size of one or two games, everyone can look like a beast or a bust. But in the long run, it doesn't really matter.

Now, I’m well aware that a few months from now we’ll look back on some week 1 busts and find that it carried over all year. Some guys will disappoint; there’s no denying it. But right now they’re hiding among good players who simply had a down game. Trying to identify them today is a wasted effort. Absent an injury (Mostert, Fitzmagic) this is the wrong time to forecast. Especially when you’re winless after months of preparation. By this time next week, you’ll change your outlook on a bunch of those guys.

So let’s appreciate a pretty great weekend of football. The fans were there, the players were there and we saw some excellent contests. And that sick feeling you get when you look at your roster? This too shall pass. Good luck this week.

Am I wrong? Who is looking like a bust? What did you see that was very different than what you expected? Which disappointing player is most likely to keep the disappointment going for a few more months? Which one will bounce back immediately? Share your thoughts below.