I almost got taken in by a fake Adam Schefter account on Twitter this morning. It basically takes everything the ESPN reporter tweets out and says the opposite. So we were thisclose to me posting a story telling you to bench a lot of big names who are expected to play. Nice try, Fake Adam Schefter.

Most of what I've seen so far is in line with what we were expecting on Friday. With one exception.

  • Joe Mixon (ankle) is expected to play today, according to Ian Rapoport. The guess (hope?) was that Mixon would be inactive, making Samaje Perine look like a nice fill-in option. Mixon being active, if that's how things turn out, make Perine very risky to use. I think Mixon is also risky -- maybe he plays just a little, or maybe he aggravates his injury and leaves early. If I told you to use Perine yesterday, please dial that way back if Mixon ends up being active.

  • A couple of questionable Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott (knee) and Amari Cooper (hamstring) are expected to play. With Elliott, I'm not concerned -- if the knee were an issue, he would likely not even be active. With Cooper, there's more risk; he could run a route early on, feel the hamstring tighten, and spend the game on the sideline. He's ranked just outside the top 30 receivers in the Friday update, which makes him a starter in most leagues but not a great one. If you're risk-averse, and I am, makes sense to look for a comparable option ranked in the next 8-10 spots. This doesn't mean dip way down into the 60s or 70s at the position, it just means to go with a slightly lesser, but perhaps safer, option if possible.

  • Chase Edmonds (shoulder) is expected to play. This makes James Conner less desirable, although I could see him getting a little more work. If I had both players on my roster, and I do in a league, I'd feel more comfortable using Conner, while conceding his greatest value is either in Standard (rather than PPR), or with the hope that Arizona has a lot of plays near the goal line.

  • Curtis Samuel (groin) is expected to play for Washington. I would not use Samuel. Antonio Gibson (shin) is expected to play, and I think he's fine for lineups.

  • T.J. Hockenson (hip) is expected to play. Hockenson is the only Lions receiver I'd really want to use this week, or most weeks.

Any further key injury news I see, I'll post in the comments below.

--Andy Richardson