Buffalo has lost seven straight road playoff games. Cincinnati on Saturday snapped its seven-game skid of postseason losses on the road. What are the only two teams that have currently lost even more consecutive playoff games on the road?


Detroit and Dallas. The Lions have lost 11 straight, while Dallas has lost 8 straight. Picking through the historical numbers, I see two other teams that in the past had eight-game streaks. Cleveland (1969-2002, finally ending that streak at Pittsburgh last year), and Seattle (1983-2010). With all of these streaks, I didn’t include Super Bowls, with them being played in a neutral environment. With Super Bowls, those streaks by the Bengals, Bills and Seahawks would all move up to 9 games. The Dolphins at one point lost seven in a road on the road, plus two Super Bowls. The Raiders currently have lost seven road playoff games in a row, plus a Super Bowl.