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Robert Woods

Veteran receiver participating at Titans' OTAs

Robert Woods is running around some at OTAs. I take that as a good thing. If he’s right physically, I would think he’ll be the most productive wide receiver for the Titans. I like his experience more than the unknown potential of first-rounder Treylon Burks.

But Woods is 30, and he’s not yet fully back from the torn ACL he suffered halfway through last year. He’s participating on a limited basis.

“You’ve got to try it before you’ve got to do it to have that confidence,” said Woods on the team’s website. “I feel like that’s the kind of stuff that allows me to have confidence and being able to pick it up. And as we get to go full speed, I’ve already made these cuts at a certain level. And as we start picking up the speeds, it just comes from being able to do the drills and translating it to the field.”

Sounds like Woods will be 100 percent. If so, I think he’ll be the No. 1 option in Tennessee’s passing game. (I’m not putting Burks in front of him until I see Burks do something of note on the field.)

But with Woods being a 30-year-old on a new team (and coming off a torn ACL) I wonder if he’ll be used as extensively on end-arounds. That was always part of his game with the Rams; they’d give to him for a running play almost every game.

Over the past four years, Woods has run for 473 yards and 5 TDs. Those are the best overall rushing numbers by any wide receiver in the league short of Deebo Samuel.

Deebo Samuel815506.811121.0
Robert Woods684737.0577.3
Curtis Samuel724255.9572.5
Cordarrelle Patterson1235634.6268.3
Tyreek Hill523937.6357.3
Jarvis Landry141208.6436.0
Isaiah McKenzie371714.6335.1
DJ Moore292829.7028.2
Chase Claypool241124.7223.2
CeeDee Lamb191588.3121.8
Brandon Aiyuk11948.5221.4
Sterling Shepard161459.1120.5
Jamal Agnew1314411.1120.4
Brandin Cooks181417.8120.1
Braxton Berrios10696.9218.9
Tavon Austin151238.2118.3
Odell Beckham131158.8117.5
Steven Sims1010310.3116.3
Emmanuel Sanders79613.7115.6
Julian Edelman191568.2015.6

—Ian Allan

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