Your entry for the Fantasy Index Open is due at 8:20 p.m. Eastern time today. This is our free, all-comers contest, giving you the opportunity to prove you know more than everyone else – and win a gigantic trophy at the same time.

This contest is different than a typical fantasy league. You don’t draft a team. You instead submit a top 20 at each position, with those 120 players becoming your roster. The higher you rank a player, the more his production counts towards your score.

The overall champion will take home a great big trophy from the team at Affordable Trophies. They’ve been partnering with us on this venture for years.

The top 2 finishers also win berths in the Experts Poll in next year’s magazine.

Fred Wright (New Palestine, Ind.) and Chris Barden (Madison, Wis.) were the big winners last year, outperforming more than 600 other entries. Wright took home the trophy.

The 2022 version of the contest is live now. To access your entry, log onto the site and click on “YOUR STUFF”. The contest is one of the pull-down options, under “Fantasy Index Open 2022”.

The contest is free, but to be eligible to win you must sign up on the website, providing a name and mailing address. If you were to sign up without supplying a name, you wouldn’t be eligible to win the trophy (which is huge).

Once on the website, use the drag-and-drop technology to select your 120 players in order – 20 each at QB, RB, WR, TE, K and DEF. You’re stuck with those players for the duration of the 18-week regular season, so be careful about selecting players who are more likely to serve suspensions or miss games with injuries. There are no waiver moves or trades, so when a player doesn’t play, you get a zero from him that week.

Entries are due before the start of the first game of the regular season. That’s tonight, September 8 at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time. Until then, feel free to start on your picks, coming back to make adjustments for injuries and holdouts. But once that deadline hits, all entries are locked.

For scoring, we’re using PPR, with players getting 1 point for each reception. Additionally, players receive 6 points for touchdowns, 4 for TD passes, 1 for every 10 run/rec yards and 1 for every 20 passing yards. Defenses receive 2 points for takeaways, 1 for sacks and 6 for every touchdown scored on a return of a takeaway or kick. Kickers get regular NFL points – 3 for field goals and 1 for PATs.

We will score all of the picks using a complex scoring matrix that combines a player’s production against where he was ranked. Basically, the higher you rank him, the most his production counts. Suppose, for example, that Justin Tucker finishes the season with 100 points. If you ranked Tucker first, that would net you 2,500 points (25 x 100). If you ranked him second, you would receive 2,400 (24 x 100). Third would be 2,300 (23 x 100) and so on down to 20th being worth 600 points (6 x 100). We use that same approach for all 120 players ranked by each entry, with the overall high score winning the title.