In Week 5, Jeff Wilson ran for 120 yards to help the 49ers win at Carolina. In Week 10, Wilson (traded to the Dolphins) ran for 119 yards against the Browns. Who are the only other two running backs in league history who’ve had 100-yard rushing games for two different teams in the same season?


Eric Dickerson and LeGarrette Blount. In 1987, Dickerson ran for 149 yards in Week 1 for the Rams. After a midseason trade, he had six 100-yard games for the Colts (Dickerson had 100-yard games against the Oilers that year for two different teams). Blount in September of 2014 ran for 118 yards for the Steelers against Carolina. After they released him, Blount landed back in New England, where he ran for 148 yards in a playoff win over Indianapolis. Wilson on Sunday will return to San Francisco, giving him the chance to potentially run for 100-plus yards both for and against the same teams in the same season (but with the 49ers ranking No. 1 in run defense, that’s very unlikely to happen).