ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. This is our last question of the season. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: What is your preliminary Top 1o (PPR) for the 2023 season?


I'll preface my rankings by reminding everyone how much these will change once free agency and the draft get underway. I'll also say that after 20+ years of doing rankings and projections, we (the collective industry) always default to prior year outcomes too much in our preliminary rankings. Meaning most 2023 initial rankings will look a lot like the 2022 year-end outcomes, and history tells us that's absolutely not how things will shake out. So, hopefully, you'll find this list to be quite different from the consensus by design.

  1. Christian McCaffrey
  2. Kenneth Walker
  3. Austin Ekeler
  4. Travis Kelce
  5. Justin Jefferson
  6. Saquon Barkley
  7. Breece Hall
  8. Bijan Robinson
  9. Cooper Kupp
  10. JaMarr Chase

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As things stand right now, I see a lot of parity. With the running backs, probably Christian McCaffrey No. 1 (this being PPR), with not much difference between another half-dozen guys — Taylor, Harris, Etienne, Barkley, Walker, Ekeler and Jacobs. Breece Hall and Javonte Williams (coming off injuries) could wind up in that group. At wide receiver, probably the two LSU guys — Chase, Jefferson — at the top, with Adams, Hill, Diggs and Lamb not far behind. People don’t like to take quarterbacks early, but I have interest in Mahomes, Burrow, Hurts and Allen. The most clearly defined No. 1 player at his position, I think, will probably will be Travis Kelce. He turns 34 next year, but he catches a lot more balls than almost all of the other tight ends.

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  1. Christian McCaffrey - Did you know that after the trade to the 49ers, CMC produced just two PPR points less than leading RB Austin Ekeler? Yup. His production actually increased from his game play in Carolina as a Panther. There is always the issue of health, but in a run-based offense, CMC should dominate once again in 2023 as the top overall back in PPR formats if healthy.
  2. Justin Jefferson - He rocketed to the top of the WR list in 2022, producing a gaudy 128-1809-8 stat line, adding another score and 24 rushing yards. I see no reason why his success won't continue in 2023, as QB Kirk Cousins is expected to return for at least one more season.
  3. Austin Ekeler - Ekeler totaled 1,637 yards of offense with 107 catches and a whopping 18 TDs in 2022! He will remain the go-to guy in this offense in 2023, making him a worthy pick as the No. 3 overall fantasy choice in PPR leagues. Why not higher? Well, the addition of OC Kellen Moore could mean a bit more sharing in the running game for Ekeler with other backs, mostly RB Joshua Kelley.
  4. JaMarr Chase - Chase is clearly the top dog in a potent Bengals passing game with an elite QB in Joe Burrow. Although he missed 5 games in 2022, his 20.5 PPR PPG average ranked him third behind only Kupp and Jefferson. I see no reason for him to not produce his normal stunning numbers most weeks in 2023.
  5. Cooper Kupp - People tend of forget about how good and consistent Kupp was when he played in 2022. Yes, he's coming off tightrope surgery for his ankle injury, but QB Matthew Stafford isn't going anywhere, and Kupp was the No. 2 WR for fantasy through 9 weeks before he got injured. As such, if healthy, he remains a clear top 5 pick.
  6. Tyreek Hill - Even though Tua missed significant action in 2022, Hill still finished No. 2 WR overall with a stunning 119-1710-7 stat line, adding another score and 32 yards rushing to his totals. Provided Tua can stay healthy for all of 2023, taking Hill here could actually be a bargain in 2023.
  7. Derrick Henry - Yes, Henry just turned 29, but he's coming off another big season with 1936 total yards and 13 scores when he missed only one game (coaches decision). This team remains a run-first unit, and Henry should continue to pound away and produce big numbers again in 2023.
  8. Jonathan Taylor - Taylor suffered from a poor O-Line and a nagging ankle injury in 2022, which also required surgery to fix. Although he missed 6 games, he nearly managed to rush for 1,000 yards with 4 scores. He is not an injury-prone back, and should rebound with a better O-Line in a run-oriented offense, keeping him a top-10 pick.
  9. Travis Kelce - Simply put, no other TE in the NFL can match the talent and production of Kelce, and it's not close. He topped the No. 2 TE in 2022 (T.J. Hockenson) by 101 PPR points, so drafting Kelce this early gives his owner a huge advantage at TE assuming these PPR leagues require a TE to start.
  10. Stefon Diggs - Diggs is the safe pick here for a solid WR1 pick in 2023 PPR leagues due to his consistency and continuity with QB Josh Allen. Oh, his 108-1,429-11 stat line in 2022 isn't bad either.

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  1. Justin Jefferson
  2. JaMarr Chase
  3. Tyreek Hill
  4. Cooper Kupp
  5. Christian McCaffrey
  6. Jonathan Taylor
  7. Austin Ekeler
  8. Travis Kelce
  9. Jalen Hurts
  10. Patrick Mahomes

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  1. Justin Jefferson
  2. Travis Kelce
  3. JaMarr Chase
  4. Christian McCaffrey
  5. Austin Ekeler
  6. Jalen Hurts
  7. Josh Allen
  8. Stefon Diggs
  9. Cooper Kupp
  10. Tyreek Hill
  11. Bijan Robinson
  12. Davante Adams

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  1. Christian McCaffrey
  2. Justin Jefferson
  3. Austin Ekeler
  4. Tyreek Hill
  5. Josh Jacobs
  6. Travis Kelce
  7. Saquon Barkley
  8. Stefon Diggs
  9. Davante Adams
  10. Derrick Henry

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  1. Christian McCaffrey
  2. Austin Ekeler
  3. Jonathan Taylor
  4. Justin Jefferson
  5. Kenneth Walker
  6. Travis Kelce
  7. Saquon Barkley
  8. JaMarr Chase
  9. Cooper Kupp
  10. Derrick Henry

Honorable Mention: Josh Jacobs, Davante Adams

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It's going to be an interesting first round next year. Do you select one of the increasingly few feature running backs, or the franchise wide receivers (on the field full-time, and less likely to get hurt)? And where do the difference-making quarterbacks go? In general, I think the top quarterbacks will go in the 2nd, but I think we'll see more early wideouts. So I'll go with the following Top 10.

  1. Justin Jefferson
  2. JaMarr Chase
  3. Christian McCaffrey
  4. Austin Ekeler
  5. Cooper Kupp
  6. Travis Kelce
  7. Tyreek Hill
  8. Josh Jacobs
  9. Jonathan Taylor
  10. Davante Adams

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