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Andy Richardson

Index Bets - Week 2 available now

Chasing yards from Chargers

We're introducing a new product this year for the gambling-inclined, the Index Bets weekly newsletter. It will be published each Thursday, and the second issue is available for purchase at the Fantasy Index Store right now.

Each week, I'll sift through the player values, prop bets and over-under projections at FanDuel and DraftKings, and compare them with the projections in Fantasy Index Weekly. In Index Bets, I'll identify favorite -- and least favorite -- bets of the week.

Also fair game for each issue will be NFL over-unders and point spreads -- basically anything where there seems to be a good or hidden value in the weekly slate.

The debut issue, for those who are wondering, went pretty well; there's a gray area with some of these, but looking at the clear hits and misses it was about a 60-65 percent hit rate. Some weeks will be worse, with any luck some will be better. This is gambling, and there is no free money. (The "free" over-under on Aaron Rodgers' passing yards last week was 0.5 yards; he was under.) But I'll take it.

Purchase the latest in the store right now. Sample content below.


The Titans had the most lopsided defense in the league last year – first against the run, last against the pass. They looked similar against the Saints in Week 1. So the Chargers have some of the best over-unders to look at this week. Keenan Allen for sure, with a receiving over-under of just 68.5. Take the over.

Justin Herbert is slightly less appealing at 283.5-286.5, depending where you look. That’s a fairly high number. But Tennessee allowed an average of 290 yards a year ago, and Herbert is a much better-than-average passer with some great weapons at his disposal. Derek Carr, who we recommended last week, threw for 305 against the Titans last week, and he's not as good as Herbert.....

This report is just a small snippet of the Week 2 edition of Index Bets. The newsletter includes about two dozen similar recommendations for this weekend; monthly or full-season pricing works out to just $5 week. If you're in a state that allows it, happy betting!

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