One good thing about the Pro Bowl games is that the players seemed to be having a fun time. For whatever reason (maybe the $80,000 payday) they were really into it. It's nice to see some enthusiasm from the players and the fans, especially during the flag football game.

I wish I had the same enthusiasm for the other game coming up.

No disrespect to either team of course. Both deserve to be there, and neither had an easy path to the Super Bowl. And there are plenty of good stories: Brock Purdy's path from irrelevant to historic, Mahomes' pursuit of GOAT status, the careers of Reid and Kelce winding down, and the possibility of a ring for fantasy superhero Christian McCaffrey. Those are good storylines, and reasons to be excited for this year's game.

So why am I having trouble caring?

Perhaps it's because of the storylines we could have seen. Imagine the Detroit Lions in the Super Bowl. Or the Buffalo Bills. Or better yet, the Lions and the Bills, with one team getting their franchise's first-ever Super Bowl win, and the other falling just short. Or the Ravens, with Lamar Jackson having a chance to finally break through as a champion in what's likely another MVP year.

Even a Philadelphia and Kansas City rematch would have been more interesting to me. The last game was so close, I'd like to see them do it again. You could have probably paired up any other playoff matchup, and I'd be more excited about the game. San Francisco and Houston? Sign me up. Kansas City and Detroit? Sure. But for some reason, I'm not waiting on pins and needles for the game to start. It'll get here soon enough.

Maybe it's that the teams have so many championships already, another one just fills a packed trophy case. San Francisco is a storied franchise with plenty of titles, and this is Mahomes' fourth(!) trip to the big game before age 30. San Francisco is far removed from their last title, but they've been here three times in the past 11 years, with three different quarterbacks. We’ve seen plenty of these helmets on Super Bowl Sunday already.

And I know these same teams played in the Super Bowl four years ago, but it doesn't feel like a rematch. The 49ers look different. Oh, speaking of rematches, what if we had Detroit and Kansas City, after the Lions won by a single point in week 1 to show they've arrived? The first game of the season, and the rematch in the last game of the season. How perfect would that be?

I know, I know. That's not how it turned out. And that's fine. The truth is that we have a good matchup. I could see the game going to overtime, or either team winning by two touchdowns. It just depends on who shows up that night. So just on experience, I have to give the edge to Kansas City. They've been there, over and over and over, including last year. The moment definitely won't be too big for them.

So maybe I'll get more hyped up as the week progresses. I'll have family, food, squares and a little something to root for in fantasy. I'm just not as excited about the game as I was in previous years. Here's hoping I feel silly about that on Monday. I'll let you know.

Are you excited about the game? What storylines interest you the most? Who do you think will win? Share your thoughts below.