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Mailbag for February 11, 2024

Ian Allan answers your fantasy questions. In this edition: Scoring rules to spice up a league. Strategy changes for standard vs. half-PPR formats.

Question 1

Love the magazine, been a subscriber since before the Bam Morris cover. My buddies and I have been thinking of starting a new league. We are looking for interesting rules. We have a couple that we have been doing forever, 1 point for reception for RB/WR except for TE is 2 points per reception. Also for QB we get a point for a completion, and lose a point for incompletion (If your QB went 20 for 30, you would get 10 points. With the new league, I was thinking worst team would host the following year (we do an auction.)

Aaron Risaliti (Massillon, OH)

I’ve been in leagues where tight ends get more for receptions (though just 1.5 points rather than 2); I like the dynamic that adds. Superflex is interesting, enhancing the value of quarterbacks. With them being the dominant figures in the sport, that makes a lot of sense. You might also want to try a “drauction” – it’s an auction, but after each team has 4-5 players, you switch to a draft, with the teams with the most remaining money getting to pick earlier in each round.

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Question 2

We are entering our 30th season, and the league has decided to switch to half-point PPR. In the past, RBs have been very valuable. Switching to half-point PPR, how does this effect drafting? Obviously, RBs who catch a lot of balls will become more valuable. Does FI have a half-point PPR system for rankings?

Patrick LaMendola (Penfield, NY)

We have a half-point PPR sheet. We’ve got 15 or 20 scoring systems listed as options, and half-PPR is one of them (it’s built from the same projections that feed the standard and full-PPR ratings). You can find all of the player ranking options in the “Your Products” section of the website.

Half-PPR, of course, lands between regular scoring and full PPR. In these pass-catching formats, it tends to push you towards looking more at players who catch more passes. In the charts below (built from final stats for 2023), the players who rank at least 3 spots higher (in half-PPR) are listed in bold, while the players ranking at least 3 spots lower are tagged with black dots. The guys who tend to rise are those catching more passes. Michael Pittman is the biggest mover, rising 10 spots among wide receivers.

Note that overall, the half-PPR system will dump more production into the receiver position. If we look at the top 30 running backs and the top 30 wide receivers, about twice as many points are added to the receiver position (44 per player, on average, compared with 22 for running backs).

1.1.Christian McCaffrey328.3361.833.50
2.2.Raheem Mostert244.7257.212.50
4.3.Travis Etienne224.4253.429.01
7.4.Breece Hall214.5252.538.03
3.5.Kyren Williams227.0243.016.0-2
6.6.Joe Mixon215.0241.026.00
8.7.Rachaad White207.9239.932.01
5.8.• Derrick Henry218.8232.814.0-3
9.9.Bijan Robinson194.3223.329.00
12.10.Jahmyr Gibbs192.1218.126.02
11.11.James Cook192.7214.722.00
13.12.Saquon Barkley186.2206.720.51
10.13.• David Montgomery193.2201.28.0-3
18.14.Tony Pollard169.6197.127.54
24.15.Alvin Kamara158.0195.537.59
16.16.Isiah Pacheco171.9193.922.00
19.17.Jerome Ford169.2191.222.02
15.18.• James Conner174.5188.013.5-3
14.19.• Gus Edwards179.0185.06.0-5
17.20.• Kenneth Walker170.4184.914.5-3
21.21.Brian Robinson166.1184.118.00
20.22.Najee Harris168.5183.014.5-2
23.23.D'Andre Swift162.3181.819.50
22.24.DeVon Achane165.7179.213.5-2
29.25.Jaylen Warren139.4169.930.54
28.26.Austin Ekeler142.4167.925.52
25.27.Josh Jacobs146.1164.618.5-2
26.28.Chuba Hubbard143.5163.019.5-2
32.29.Javonte Williams134.2157.723.53
27.30.• Zack Moss142.6156.113.5-3
1.1.CeeDee Lamb272.2339.767.50
2.2.Tyreek Hill259.4318.959.50
3.3.Amon-Ra St. Brown213.9273.459.50
5.4.Puka Nacua193.5246.052.51
4.5.Mike Evans203.5243.039.5-1
7.6.A.J. Brown187.6240.653.01
6.7.DJ Moore192.5240.548.0-1
11.8.Keenan Allen173.4227.454.03
12.9.Stefon Diggs168.8222.353.53
9.10.Nico Collins180.4220.440.0-1
14.11.Davante Adams162.4213.951.53
10.12.• Brandon Aiyuk176.2213.737.5-3
8.13.• Deebo Samuel183.7213.730.0-4
13.14.JaMarr Chase162.7212.750.0-1
25.15.Michael Pittman143.2197.754.510
16.16.Amari Cooper157.0193.036.00
15.17.DK Metcalf159.4192.433.0-2
17.18.Calvin Ridley153.9191.938.0-1
20.19.DeVonta Smith148.6189.140.51
24.20.Chris Olave144.3187.843.54
19.21.Jordan Addison151.3186.335.0-2
21.22.DeAndre Hopkins148.6186.137.5-1
18.23.• Jayden Reed153.2185.232.0-5
22.24.Jakobi Meyers147.7183.235.5-2
31.25.Adam Thielen128.0179.551.56
23.26.• George Pickens145.8177.331.5-3
28.27.Rashee Rice135.5175.039.51
27.28.Justin Jefferson136.2170.234.0-1
35.29.Garrett Wilson122.2169.747.55
29.30.Terry McLaurin130.2169.739.50
30.31.Zay Flowers129.4167.938.5-1
33.32.Chris Godwin126.2167.741.51
26.33.• Courtland Sutton137.2166.729.5-7
34.34.Tyler Lockett123.4162.939.50
32.35.• Jaylen Waddle126.6162.636.0-3
36.36.Brandin Cooks119.2146.227.00
39.37.Romeo Doubs115.4144.929.52
38.38.Tank Dell118.0141.523.50
37.39.Gabe Davis118.4140.922.5-2
41.40.Drake London105.6140.134.51

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