Jayden Daniels, a standout among the top quarterback prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft, boasts an array of impressive credentials. His final year at LSU was a testament to his prowess, as he emerged as the Heisman Trophy winner with a staggering 3,812 passing yards, 1,134 rushing yards, and 50 total touchdowns (10 rushing).

The 23-year-old QB is a dynamic playmaker who can burn opponents with his arms or legs. But while he might not wait long to hear his name called during draft day, Brian Kelly might have revealed the team that will select the San Bernardino, California, native.

In a video shared by MLFootball on X (formerly Twitter), Kelly said during Daniels’ Pro Day:

”He is going to be so committed to taking care of himself that you don’t have to worry about size or he doesn’t weigh enough. Lamar (Jackson) has done a pretty good job with his size. I think (Patrick) Mahomes, I wouldn’t consider him a giant. ‘Cause he’s gonna get the ball out to the playmakers and make plays for Washington.” Wait, did Kelly hint about Daniels going to the Commanders? The soundbite confirms what he said.
However, a commenter mentioned that a “Daniels to Washington” conclusion could be misleading and that the interviewer might have asked a Commanders-related question. While his destination is uncertain, Jayden Daniels can be a difference-maker for the team that will draft him. The Commanders, Chicago Bears, and New England Patriots are all looking for a quarterback. Likewise, rumors are surfacing that the Minnesota Vikings and Las Vegas Raiders might trade up to secure a highly-touted quarterback. -Lance Fernandez