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Jared Goff

Underrated QB gets big deal

The Lions signed Jared Goff to a huge new contract extension this week. Even Detroit couldn't have imagined it would work out this well for them when they took his previous contract off the Rams' hands in the Matthew Stafford deal. But Goff has been a lot better than anyone anticipated.

He also seems to be a very underrated fantasy quarterback. True he doesn't run, which hurts him relative to a lot of other quarterbacks. But he's been so productive as a passer the last two years, in Ben Johnson's offense, that he's been one of the very best fantasy options at the position anyway.

The last two years, in leagues giving 4 points for touchdown passes, Goff has ranked 6th and 9th at the position. But you wouldn't know it looking at the experts poll rankings in our upcoming magazine (where he shows up outside the top 12), or in our experts draft (where he was the 15th quarterback selected). Just showing up every day and throwing for about 4,500 yards and 29-30 touchdowns isn't that exciting.

Anyway, even when ranking him against quarterbacks who missed a couple of games during the season for one reason or another, Goff has been very solid the last couple of years. Among quarterbacks who've started at least 14 games, he has the 17th and 23rd-best fantasy seasons in terms of points per game; 21-22 points in each. You could do worse for a fantasy starter. And certainly relative to where he's drafted, it's a pretty nice value for a guy who will come a lot cheaper than the top options.

2022Josh Allen, Buff.164283357627476.4229.8
2022Patrick Mahomes, K.C.175250413584493.9129.1
2022Jalen Hurts, Phil.1537012276013431.1328.7
2023Josh Allen, Buff.1743062952415479.7128.2
2022Joe Burrow, Cin.164475352575425.5426.6
2023Jalen Hurts, Phil.1738582360515435.4225.6
2023Lamar Jackson, Balt.163678248215394.0424.6
2023Dak Prescott, Dall.174516362422410.0324.1
2022Justin Fields, Chi.1522421711438344.41123.0
2023Jordan Love, G.B.174159322474388.7522.9
2023Brock Purdy, S.F.164280311442364.4722.8
2023C.J. Stroud, Hou.154108231673335.11322.3
2023Patrick Mahomes, K.C.164183273890356.1822.3
2022Geno Smith, Sea.174282303661376.7522.2
2022Kirk Cousins, Min.17454729972371.1621.8
2022Trevor Lawrence, Jac.174113252915370.8721.8
2023Jared Goff, Det.17457530212366.9621.6
2023Trevor Lawrence, Jac.164016213394344.71021.5
2022Daniel Jones, NYG163205157087337.11221.1
2023Russell Wilson, Den.153070263413313.61420.9
2022Justin Herbert, LAC174739251470354.7820.9
2023Tua Tagovailoa, Mia.17462429740354.6920.9
2022Jared Goff, Det.17443829730350.7920.6
2023Matthew Stafford, LAR15396524650304.81520.3
2022Tom Brady, T.B.17469425-11344.61020.3
2023Sam Howell, Was.173946212635343.01120.2
2023Baker Mayfield, T.B.174044281631340.51220.0
2023Geno Smith, Sea.153624201551287.51719.2
2022Russell Wilson, Den.153524162773287.01419.1
2022Derek Carr, L.V.153522241020282.31618.8
2022Aaron Rodgers, G.B.17369526941308.21318.1
2023Derek Carr, N.O.17387825400301.91617.8
2022Davis Mills, Hou.153118171082248.71916.6
2023Desmond Ridder, Atl.152836121935243.52216.2
2022Mac Jones, N.E.142997141021224.12216.0
2022Andy Dalton, N.O.14287118540223.02315.9
2023Gardner Minshew, Ind.173305151003257.32115.1
2023Bryce Young, Car.162877112530217.22313.6
2022Jacoby Brissett, Cle.162608122432214.72513.4

--Andy Richardson

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