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Adobe blank screen problem

If you're getting a blank page when you attempt to download our printer-friendly Adobe Acrobat documents, then your Acrobat Reader software isn't playing nicely with your web browser. Here's how to make that naughty software behave:

Disable the "Display PDF in Browser" option in your reader software.

  1. Use Start - Programs - Adobe Reader to run the program directly (instead of running Reader as an embedded function within the web browser).
  2. Pull down the Edit menu of the Reader and choose Preferences.
  3. In the Internet settings group/panel, de-select (uncheck) the "Display PDF in Browser" option.
  4. Now go back to the web page and click on the link for the "printer friendly" file in PDF format. This will cause Adobe Acrobat Reader files to download to your hard drive, where you can open them using the Acrobat Reader program. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat reader. If you upgrade to the latest version, many problems disappear. You can download an update at

    If that doesn't work...

    You also may want to visit on Adobe's website for Acrobat Reader technical support:

    Try entering this phrase in the search window: acrobat reader blank