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Troubleshooting Internet Products

E-mail delivery problems

Please provide us with a current phone number when you order from Fantasy Index. If you provide us with home and work numbers, it increases our chance of reaching you in an emergency. We never sell, rent or share your e-mail address, phone number, or any other personal information to anyone (see our privacy policy). We never telemarket. Since we started business in 1987, we have never placed outbound sales calls for our magazines or newsletters. If your e-mail address is invalid and you've ordered a pay-for product, then we will attempt to call you.

Common causes of e-mail delivery problems Has your Internet address changed? We can't send your update or password if we have an invalid e-mail address on file. Learn how to change your e-mail address on our "Change my e-mail address" help page.

Are you blocking our e-mail? If your Internet service provider allows you to configure your mail controls, to block unsolicited e-mail (or e-mail with attachments), then you may be blocking us. Be sure your mail controls are configured to accept mail from the domain (and in particular, from the accounts, and

Are you refusing attachments? Our updates often include attached files in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. If your anti-virus software is configured to refuse attachments, then you won't receive those messages (which typically contain our player ratings), You'll need to retrieve your updates via the website subscriber login.

Many network administrators and Internet service providers use anti-junkmail software that mistakenly thinks our e-mail is "spam.". We may transmit it to many dozens of persons in your domain (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) simultaneously. The network administrator's anti-spam software (or your personal anti-junkmail settings) may misinterpret our messages as spam. Their software may not distinguish between sports fantasy player ratings and sexual fantasy solicitations. In the past, we've had this kind of trouble with Hotmail, America Online, MSN, Yahoo, Bresnan,, and SBC. If your service provider has a quarantine folder for bulk or spam e-mail, please check it. If you suspect this is the case, then please contact your Internet service provider's abuse department. ISPs respond slowly to our complaints (they perceive us as the spammer), but they may be more responsive to your request for assistance.

Perhaps the single most important step you can take is to ask your network administrator to "whitelist" these addresses: - sends password requests and purchase receipts - answers tech support messages - delivers most subscriptions

Is your mailbox full? Is the message too big? If you use a free e-mail service such as Hotmail or Yahoo, it's possible that your mailbox is full (i.e. you have exceeded your mail quota). MSN users sometimes have this problem, too. Please clean out your mailbox and then contact us at and we'll re-send the information. Or just use the subscriber login.

Customers sometimes order the wrong issue on our website (e.g. you intended to order the August 16 issue, but you accidentally selected the August 23 issue instead). Check your order receipt (note: receipts are e-mailed only to customers who place their orders through our online store), or review your order history online.

Perhaps your credit card was not approved. If your order was approved, then you'll be able to find it by checking your order history online. If your online order was refused because your credit card wasn't approved, then we'll send an e-mail to let you know. But we don't e-mail an error notification if you place your order by telephone or through the mail.

Failing these suggestions, you should probably call us at 206-527-4444 during business hours. Our automated e-mail robot occasionally locks up and you may notice the problem before we do (especially if the problem occurs overnight).

Don't forget the subscriber login You can also access your subscription through our subscriber login. You have Web access even if your subscription was intercepted by your Internet service provider's spam filter, or if your mailbox was full when we tried to send your update. Whatever the reason your update failed to transmit, you still have a backup means to get the latest update.

You may access the subscriber login from work, from home, or when you're on vacation. Just enter the e-mail address associated with your subscription, plus your password.

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