ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Who will meet in the AFC and NFC Championship games?


In the NFC, I’ll go with New Orleans vs. the LA Rams. The Rams of course are simply humming and I think this is the Saints year. Drew Brees continues to play at an elite level and the window is closing. I think they take the sting of their fluke loss to Minnesota last year to fuel them for one more Super Bowl win for Brees and the Saints. In the AFC, I’ll go with Kansas City vs. Pittsburgh. The Chiefs of course have an elite offense that gives everyone fits. Ultimately I think Pittsburgh comes out of the AFC as like with New Orleans, the experience here with a future Hall of Fame quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger and the overall talent on the Steelers push forward (plus how great for Pittsburgh to stick to LeVeon Bell and make it to the Super Bowl).

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Kansas City beats Pittsburgh in the AFC. The KC defense is much better than it was at the start of the year, and I genuinely believe the offense is unstoppable. Picking the Steelers as the opponent may seem like an overreaction to last Thursday, but it isn’t really about the Steelers at all. I just think the Patriots are not the Patriots anymore. The offense is better with Sony Michel than without him but still not special like in years past, and the defense is a disaster. On the other side of the league I’ll stick to chalk and say the Rams get their rematch with the Saints, but I’m not ready to say who wins, and there are other teams that could worm their way in. One team I just don’t think can escape the NFC is Chicago, which is kind of a shame, because the Bears may be the only team in the league with a real chance of beating Kansas City on a neutral field. That has nothing to do with Matt Nagy. Rather, most defenses are hopeless against most great offenses under the current rules and styles of play, and Chicago might have the only nearly-great defense in the league.

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On the AFC side, I think we’ll be looking at New England playing (and losing) at Kansas City. The Patriots haven’t been playing well recently, but I think they’ll get healthier and make adjustments, and they’ve long tended to have Pittsburgh’s number. On the NFC side, I think we’ll have the Rams playing at New Orleans.

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AFC: Chargers at Kansas City. The Pats are fading and having problems on the road. The Chargers don’t win by much, but they win and they have the best defense of the top teams. Kansas City always chokes in the playoffs and it just seems natural for Patrick Mahomes tremendous first year to end with a jaw-dropping loss at home. Kind of like last year. NFC: Rams at Saints. Rams have been the darlings all season and deservedly so. But the Saints were quietly trailing right behind them and flexed their muscle in Week 9 when they met. The Panthers, Bears and Washington are a clear step down from those two NFC leaders.

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Nailing down the four teams playing for the NFC and AFC titles with a couple months to go requires some knowledge, analysis and a huge dose of luck. In the AFC, I will go with the obvious in picking Kansas City, but I will surprise some by choosing the Steelers. Logic tells me to say Patriots, but they are starting to crumble a bit. I cannot believe they will have the team strength to make it through another eight games to be a contender. In the NFC, we don’t have to look much past the Saints and Rams who are playing at a level far above the other 14 teams. My dark horses to sneak in would be the Chargers (AFC) and Bears (NFC), but I don’t see either of them crashing the party this season.

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AFC: New England at Kansas City. Kansas City has the best record in the AFC and are in all likelihood the No. 1 seed. Very tough to knock them off in Arrowhead so they advance. And never count out the Pats. They will have to win a few playoff games, one of which will be on the road, but they can overcome anything. Don’t bet against Brady and Belichick. NFC: Green Bay at New Orleans. New Orleans seems pretty unstoppable. Drew Brees knows this may be his last chance at a Super Bowl despite what he says about playing for many more years. The Saints seem to have a sense of purpose and even the defense is playing better. All the elements are there: run game, QB play, WRs to count on and a defense that keeps them close. The Packers, on the other hand, are going to be the team that catches fire late and wins a few in a row to advance deep in the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers may not have as many weapons as Brees does but he has been here before. His experience moves the Pack into the Championship game.

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AFC: New England vs. Kansas City. NFC: New Orleans vs. Los Angeles Rams. Why? They are the four best teams in the league.

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The AFC playoffs is going to be wild. A lot of flawed defenses, but a lot of quarterbacks who are playing great. A potential field of Brady, Mahomes, Roethlisberger, Rivers, Luck and Watson! Talk about a network's dream come true, and ample proof why quarterbacks are king. I think the Chargers are going to sneak into the championship game in Kansas City, as two teams known for playoff disappointment square off to go to the Super Bowl. Or maybe that's just my hope. In the NFC, it will be a shock if it's not Rams-Saints. The Seahawks and Bears will be in the mix, but no one is winning in New Orleans, and the Rams will find a way to get there too.

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