The Saints are piling up the wins. Since losing on opening day, they’ve won 10 in a row. Are they now a strong favorite to win Super Bowl LIII?

It seems right now as if the Saints, Rams and Kansas City are on a tier above everyone else. Maybe somebody else can play their way into that group, but right now those teams are looking very strong.

New Orleans is the only one of those teams to win 10 games in a row. In recent years, however, there hasn’t been much of a correlation between lengthy winning streaks and actually winning championships.

Of the last 15 teams to win at least 10 straight games in a season, only one went on to win the Super Bowl. Only a third of those 15 teams even played in the final game.

The one exception, as look would have it, were the 2009 Saints (with the same head coach and same quarterback).

Back in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, when teams won 10-plus games in a row, there was a much higher rate of those teams then ultimately winning it all.

Oakland 196710lost in Super Bowl
LA Rams196911lost in divisional round
Minnesota 196912lost in Super Bowl
• Miami 197214won Super Bowl
• Miami 197310won Super Bowl
Minnesota 197510lost in divisional round
• Pittsburgh 197511won Super Bowl
• Oakland 197610won Super Bowl
Denver 198410lost in divisional round
Miami 198416lost in Super Bowl
• Chicago 198512won Super Bowl
• NY Giants199010won Super Bowl
San Francisco199010lost in NFC Championship
• Washington 199111won Super Bowl
Hou. Oilers199311lost in divisional round
• San Francisco199410won Super Bowl
San Francisco199711lost in NFC Championship
• Denver 199813won Super Bowl
Indianapolis 199911lost in divisional round
Jacksonville 199911lost in AFC Championship
Minnesota 199910lost in NFC Championship
• New England 200312won Super Bowl
Pittsburgh 200414lost in AFC Championship
Indianapolis 200513lost in divisional round
Seattle 200511lost in Super Bowl
San Diego 200610lost in divisional round
New England 200716lost in Super Bowl
Tennessee 200810lost in divisional round
Indianapolis 200914lost in Super Bowl
• New Orleans 200913won Super Bowl
San Diego 200911lost in divisional round
Green Bay 201114lost in divisional round
Denver 201211lost in divisional round
Carolina 201514lost in Super Bowl
Kansas City 201510lost in divisional round
New England 201510lost in AFC Championship
Dallas 201611lost in divisional round
New Orleans 201810???

—Ian Allan