The Texans host Indianapolis on Saturday, and you can be sure they’re carefully discussing how to handle T.Y. Hilton. He’s tended to kill them over the years.

Hilton has long tended to play his best games against Houston. He’s gone for at least 175 yards five times in his career, and three of those games came against the Texans. That includes him catching 9 passes for 199 yards at NRG Stadium just over a month ago.

Hilton has played 14 career games against Houston, and he’s gone over 110 yards in half of them. In 100 career games against other teams, he has only 20 such games.

In 14 career games against the Texans, Hilton has caught 76 passes for 1,445 yards and 9 TDs.

2012Hou.L 17-2937826.01
2012Ind.W 28-16411127.81
2013Hou.W 27-24712117.33
2013Ind.W 25-38789.80
2014Hou.W 33-28922324.81
2014Ind.W 17-1045012.50
2015Hou.W 27-2058817.60
2015Ind.L 10-163299.70
2016Hou.L 23-2634916.30
2016Ind.L 17-22911512.81
2017Hou.W 20-14517535.02
2017Ind.W 22-133144.70
2018Ind.L 34-37411528.80
2018Hou.W 24-21919922.10

—Ian Allan