What happened to the offensive explosion? Teams were putting up unprecedented numbers earlier in the season (highlighted by Los Angeles beating Kansas City 54-51 in a Monday night game) but more recently scores have been down.

Offenses came up short on Wild Card Weekend. Lots of punts in the games involving the Chargers-Ravens, Cowboys-Seahawks and Eagles-Bears.

The Texans managed only 7 points at home against Indianapolis, with Deshaun Watson coming up short in too many key situations.

In none of the games did a team score 25 points.

In comparison to other games played on Wild Card Weekend in the last 10 years, the scores were below average.

Three of the high-powered offenses, of course, were sitting out on byes – Saints, Rams and Kansas City. Those teams will all be playing at home this week.

2009at Cardinals 51Packers 45 (OT)
2013at Colts 45Kansas City 44
2011at Saints 45Lions 28
2010at Seahawks 41Saints 36
2016at Packers 38Giants 13
2015Packers 35at Washington 18
2009at Cowboys 34Eagles 14
2009Ravens 33at Patriots 14
2017at Saints 31Panthers 26
2011at Texans 31Bengals 10
2014Ravens 30at Steelers 17
2016at Steelers 30Dolphins 12
2010Ravens 30at Kansas City 7
2015Chiefs 30at Texans 0
2011at Broncos 29Steelers 23 (OT)
2014at Panthers 27Cardinals 16
2016at Texans 27Raiders 14
2013Chargers 27at Bengals 10
2013Saints 26at Eagles 24
2017Falcons 26at Rams 13
2014at Colts 26Bengals 10
2016at Seahawks 26Lions 6
2018at Cowboys 24Seahawks 22
2014at Cowboys 24Lions 20
2009Jets 24at Bengals 14
2012Seahawks 24at Washington 14
2012at Packers 24Vikings 10
2012at Ravens 24Colts 9
2011at Giants 24Falcons 2
201349ers 23at Packers 20
2018Chargers 23at Ravens 17
2017Titans 22at Kansas City 21
2010Packers 21at Eagles 16
2018Colts 21at Texans 7
2012at Texans 19Bengals 13
2015Steelers 18at Bengals 16
2010Jets 17at Colts 16
2018Eagles 16at Bears 15
2015Seahawks 10at Vikings 9
2017at Jaguars 10Bills 3

—Ian Allan