The waiver wire in my main dynasty league is locked; players won't be available until after our rookie draft, which takes place a week after the actual NFL Draft. So I can't actually sign anyone now, and I suspect most leagues are the same. But browsing is encouraged.

When the wire is open, and I'm able to add players (within the confines of the roster limit), here are 10 guys I'll be looking at. (Some people in my league read this site so I'm giving up my secrets, but it's cool -- these are the sacrifices I make for you, the reader.) I'm tackling quarterbacks and running backs this week; receivers next. In no particular order:

1. Jacoby Brissett, Colts. Colts GM Chris Ballard said he wouldn't trade Brissett at his season-ending press conference, then added it would need to be a really good offer. Brissett is entering the last year of his contract and is only 26 years old, while Andrew Luck proved healthy. I think there is at least some chance Brissett is a starting quarterback in the NFL next season.

2. Robert Griffin III, UFA. I made a comment on an article the other day that perhaps Washington would bring back Griffin and a reader figured I was joking. I was, but only slightly. Griffin is just 29 years old and could certainly be competing for a starting job somewhere next training camp. Most likely, that ship has sailed, but we're talking deep dynasty adds here.

3. Nick Mullens/C.J. Beathard, San Francisco. Both guys showed promise at times the last couple of seasons. With Jimmy Garoppolo healthy, I don't expect them to keep both around in 2019. I imagine I'll put both on my watch list and then add one of them if he gets traded for a later pick to some quarterback needy team where he might conceivably win a starting job.

4. Blake Bortles, Jacksonville. Full disclosure, I actually dropped Bortles myself. But although things went sour for him in Jacksonville, I can't help but feel his NFL and fantasy value aren't completely in the past. Look at some of the quarterback starting the final month of last season -- guys like Mark Sanchez and Josh Johnson, and that's just one team -- and it's clear that he could still come into a starting job again.

5. Rex Burkhead, New England. The Patriots didn't start using Burkhead until the postseason, so he's just sitting out there. Reason to believe he'll be part of the rotation next season, which means every few weeks he'll catch 5 passes or score a pair of touchdowns, whenever New England decides to screw those who started James White or Sony Michel for whatever reason. If you're drafting in a best-ball league tomorrow, there are worse late-round picks than Burkhead.

6. Marshawn Lynch, Oakland. I kept rookie Chris Warren on my IR list all season, and maybe Oakland gives him a look-see as its starting running back this summer; that's the hope, anyway. But Lynch might well return, and although he's 33 years old, he's been gently used enough in recent years (due to injury/retirement) that just maybe he has another season left in him. This is dynasty, so I won't exactly covet him, but potential starting running backs can't be totally ignored, either.

7. Raheem Mostert, San Francisco. Mostert is actually a restricted free agent, and it's possible he won't even be tendered by the 49ers. They've got Jerick McKinnon coming back, plus Matt Breida, Jeff Wilson and maybe somebody else including a rookie or two. Mostert had a nice little run there, including three games with 78-plus total yards in a four-game stretch prior to breaking his arm. He's 26 years old and it looked like he could play.

8. DeAndre Washington, Oakland. It's unlikely that Washington is back in Oakland. He's flashed at times, but he's never been quite as good as Jalen Richard, who bring some similar things to the table, and Oakland this summer will have Richard, Warren and maybe Lynch or Doug Martin kicking around. A fresh start might give Washington a chance to carve out that passing-downs back role. He's only 25.

9. Mike Boone, Minnesota. He looked good last preseason, but never got to do much in the regular season with Dalvin Cook and Latavius Murray healthy. Murray is a free agent and won't necessarily be back. Minnesota might enter camp with Boone and another youngster, Roc Thomas, vying for that handcuff/complementary role.

10. Trent Richardson. I kid. Or do I? Richardson turns 29 this summer, but he looks pretty spry running it in the AAF. He doesn't have any moves and his yards per carry sucks, but there isn't much in the league for offensive linemen. Maybe Richardson gets a look in camps this summer, and finds his way back into the league in a short-yardage role. There are worse bottom-of-the-roster stabs.

Next week, wide receivers and tight ends.