The Saints have been putting up some pretty insane rushing numbers – 26 TD runs last year, and 23 the previous season. In this century, only two offenses have scored more rushing touchdowns in two-year periods.

Dick Vermeil’s Kansas City teams are the leaders in this area, with a brilliant four-year run from 2002 to 2005. Lots of production from Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson in there. In the best two-year period, the offense ran for 63 touchdowns in the 2003-04 seasons.

Also from the AFC West, the Chargers (with LaDainian Tomlinson running wild) racked up a ton of rushing touchdowns in the 2005-07 seasons.

But other than those teams, the Saints from the last two seasons have been the best rushing touchdown team of the century.

Alvin Kamara leads the way for them, but with him also contributing heavily in the passing game, they’ll need to work in another back. Unless some nobody emerges out of nowhere at training camp, that will be Latavius Murray. Think of him as a poor man’s Mark Ingram. Murray isn’t quite as good as Ingram, but he’s capable and should have a viable role in that offense.

'03-04Kansas City9424,2184.4863
'02-03Kansas City9084,3074.7458
'04-05Kansas City10164,6714.6057
'05-06San Diego Chargers9874,6504.7154
'06-07San Diego Chargers10074,6174.5851
'17-18New Orleans Saints9154,0954.4849
'15-16Buffalo Bills10015,0625.0648
'08-09Carolina Panthers10294,9354.8048
'11-12Carolina Panthers9074,4964.9647
'04-05San Diego Chargers9904,2574.3046
'04-05Seattle Seahawks9874,5524.6146
'00-01St. Louis Rams7993,8704.8446
'12-13New England Patriots9934,2494.2844
'11-12New England Patriots9613,9484.1143
'08-09Tennessee Titans10074,7914.7643
'05-06Kansas City10334,5254.3843
'16-17Dallas Cowboys9794,5664.6642
'08-09Baltimore Ravens10604,5764.3242
'01-02Kansas City9104,3864.8242
'16-17Buffalo Bills9794,6474.7541
'08-09New Orleans Saints8663,7004.2741
'08-09New York Jets10294,7604.6341
'07-08Tennessee Titans10514,3084.1041
'06-07Jacksonville Jaguars10354,9324.7741
'05-06Jacksonville Jaguars10154,5004.4341
'02-03Denver Broncos10004,8954.9041
'02-03Minnesota Vikings9664,8505.0241
'17-18Los Angeles Rams9134,1844.5840
'16-17New Orleans Saints8483,8124.5040
'08-09Miami Dolphins9574,1284.3140
'08-09New England Patriots9794,1994.2940
'03-04San Diego Chargers9424,3314.6040
'02-03Atlanta Falcons9584,3174.5140

—Ian Allan