Today's the deadline for Dallas to sign Dak Prescott to a long-term deal, or he'll be playing the season on the franchise tag. The money is reaching crazy levels, with Prescott reportedly turning down a deal that includes $100 million in guaranteed money. Sounds like a lot, but these quarterback contracts are only going to increase.

No one is saying Prescott deserves the half a billion dollars Patrick Mahomes just got. (Well, his agent might be, who knows.) But the fact is that if a team can give Mahomes that kind of money without blinking an eye, they are obviously doing very well for themselves financially. Nobody should be worrying about Jerry Jones' great grandkids going hungry because he signed Dak Prescott. Jones, meanwhile, should be thinking about the consequences of going the Kirk Cousins route with his franchise quarterback.

The Washington Copyright Battles let Cousins walk a couple years ago, and they've since gone 10-22 while spending lots of money and draft picks to have Alex Smith, Case Keenum, Josh Johnson, Colt McCoy, Mark Sanchez and Dwayne Haskins start games for them. This offseason they traded for Kyle Allen. A year from now they might well be drafting a quarterback in the first round again. Have they found a quarterback as good as Cousins yet?

NFL teams aren't playing fantasy football, but if they don't wrap up a deal with Prescott eventually, they'll be saying goodbye to one of the very best quarterbacks in our little game every year he's been in the league. Prescott has started for four seasons, and in that time he's had four of the top 50 seasons by a fantasy quarterback. He's finished in the top 11 at the position in all of those years.

YearPlayerPaYdsTDRuYdsTDFF PtsRk
2018Patrick Mahomes, K.C.5097502722496.11
2019Lamar Jackson, Balt.31273612067463.01
2016Aaron Rodgers, G.B.4428403694446.31
2018Ben Roethlisberger, Pitt.512934983429.22
2018Matt Ryan, Atl.4924351253428.23
2019Jameis Winston, T.B.5109332501426.52
2016Drew Brees, N.O.520837202422.42
2017Russell Wilson, Sea.3983345863415.81
2016Matt Ryan, Atl.4944381170414.93
2019Dak Prescott, Dall.4902302773412.83
2018Andrew Luck, Ind.4593391480405.94
2018Deshaun Watson, Hou.4165265515397.45
2018Jared Goff, LAR4688321082397.26
2019Deshaun Watson, Hou.3852264137389.54
2016Andrew Luck, Ind.4240313412386.14
2019Russell Wilson, Sea.4110313423383.75
2016Kirk Cousins, Was.491725964379.55
2018Aaron Rodgers, G.B.4442252692367.07
2017Cam Newton, Car.3302227546366.52
2017Tom Brady, N.E.457732280363.73
2018Kirk Cousins, Min.4298301231360.18
2018Drew Brees, N.O.399232224356.99
2016Philip Rivers, S.D.438633350354.86
2017Kirk Cousins, Was.4093271794354.64
2016Blake Bortles, Jac.3905233593354.27
2018Philip Rivers, LAC43083270354.110
2018Dak Prescott, Dall.3885223056352.811
2017Matthew Stafford, Det.444629980352.15
2018Russell Wilson, Sea.3448353760351.912
2018Tom Brady, N.E.435529352350.913
2019Kyler Murray, Ariz.3722205444350.56
2019Matt Ryan, Atl.4466261471350.07
2017Alex Smith, K.C.4042263551347.66
2016Matthew Stafford, Det.4327242072347.18
2019Josh Allen, Buff.3089205109345.58
2016Jameis Winston, T.B.4090281651345.09
2019Carson Wentz, Phil.4039272431344.39
2018Cam Newton, Car.3395244884342.614
2019Patrick Mahomes, K.C.4031262182341.410
2016Dak Prescott, Dall.3667232826339.610
2016Russell Wilson, Sea.4219212591338.311
2017Philip Rivers, LAC451528-20337.67
2019Jared Goff, LAR463822402335.911
2017Carson Wentz, Phil.3296332990334.78
2019Aaron Rodgers, G.B.4002261831334.412
2017Ben Roethlisberger, Pitt.425128470333.39
2019Philip Rivers, LAC461523290327.713
2017Dak Prescott, Dall.3324223576325.910
2016Derek Carr, Oak.393728700325.912
2018Mitchell Trubisky, Chi.3223244213325.315

Jones and the Cowboys are trying to win Super Bowls, not fantasy titles. But six of the eight quarterbacks who have been better than Prescott in any of the last four years have taken their teams to the big game, and there's no NFC juggernaut that seems to be standing in Dallas' way, if the team is able to keep Prescott in the fold.

Maybe Jones believes with a strong offensive line, running game and receiving corps -- all of which he has -- he can find another quarterback to run the offense at a much cheaper price. It's not my money, but I think he's better off biting the bullet, paying Prescott, and continuing to be a playoff contender for the life of that contract. A lot better than spending the next few years looking for somebody else.

--Andy Richardson