Every Saturday morning, I'll take a quick look at all the week's games, offering my own brief take on what I think will happen, as well as touching on significant injury news since our Weekly came out. I'll check in every so often over the course of the day to answer lineup questions, too.

What follows is a brief look at all the games with how I'd react in my own lineups to injury developments or other news. The official rankings are the ones in the Weekly. Those take precedence. But sometimes players are very close, and in those cases I'm glad to offer opinions on how I'd approach those situations. Sometimes I like certain players more or less than Ian, and sometimes I have different risk tolerance with injuries etc.

Steelers at Titans: Game postponed from earlier in the season. Steelers have stormed through a pretty easy schedule, Titans have pulled off a couple of thrilling victories. Most players are pretty healthy for this one, an anomaly in the league right now. Nobody is sitting down Derrick Henry but definitely a tough matchup for the Titans offense. Jonnu Smith good to go. I think you use regular stars on both sides, I'm not sure if that includes JuJu these days. Everyone wants him to be traded to Green Bay or something, we'll see if there's any team interest, or if the Packers prefer to blow picks on guys like Jace Sternberger.

Cowboys at Football Team: I'm in a league with best-ball lineups where I can't bring myself to drop Kyle Allen just because of this matchup. The Dallas Defense, so bad you don't want to drop Kyle Allen. Dallas line in shambles making things tough on Andy Dalton. I expect people still using Cooper and probably Lamb, Elliott of course hope he doesn't get benched. I did say back when the team hired Mike McCarthy that I had a bad feeling about it, for whatever that's worth. The guy rode the coattails of elite quarterbacks for most of his coaching career, plain and simple.

Bills at Jets: Made the Bills my Survivor Pool pick, seems to be good business betting against the Jets. Was going to go with the Eagles, which would have been 3 hours of stress but would have worked out. Bills are kind of banged up (no John Brown, Dawson Knox), Jets might get Sam Darnold back. But they're still the Jets and Jamison Crowder is questionable, so his status needs to be confirmed Sunday morning.

Panthers at Saints: I also thought about the Saints as a Survivor pick. But then they are going into this one without Michael Thomas (man that pick isn't working out well this year) and Emmanuel Sanders. Yes, I would chance TreQuan Smith, just as he's ranked. Carolina passing game should be decent, Mike Davis should play full-time, etc. Carolina springing the upset would not be stunning, they've exceeded expectations all year. DJ Moore and Robby Anderson, sure.

Packers at Texans: So Aaron Jones is questionable, in a choice matchup. If he's active, I think he needs to be used, unless we get more really negative info. If he's inactive, I think Jamaal Williams is very appealing and AJ Dillon is somewhat appealing. For Houston I'm using pretty much everyone, there should be some points put up in this one.

Browns at Bengals: Joe Mixon is out so I went running around to all my leagues yesterday looking for Giovani Bernard. Found him in one. He should play close to full-time, so there's plenty of value there. First matchup was higher-scoring, you can't guarantee that will always be the case, but a nice precedent for using players from this game. Baker Mayfield not passing a ton and the Bengals' current three-man mix at wideout are the drag on these players' value. No Austin Hooper, appendectomy, that's different.

Lions at Falcons: Should be a higher-scoring game. Not knowing exactly how healthy guys like Julio Jones are each week makes fantasy football difficult this year. Last week you got burned for sitting him, this week maybe you get burned for starting him. Some luck involved when we really don't know how much their injuries bother them on a given Sunday. If you have Marvin Jones on your roster still, I guess this is the week and matchup to use him in. Love Golladay and Ridley, would use Todd Gurley this week and D'Andre Swift, too (but Adrian Peterson will still get as many carries if not more). I'll sign off on both tight ends.

Bucs at Raiders: Formerly a primetime game (don't worry, they'll still talk a ton about Antonio Brown in the primetime broadcast), this was moved to afternoon since this is the game which may potentially be postponed if the Raiders keep having positive COVID tests. If it's played, key Bucs offensive players are good to go. Raiders will have Waller and Josh Jacobs and the hit or miss wideouts. Bucs defense has looked very good to me and was still pretty surprising the way they shut down Aaron Rodgers last week. Be ready to switch off players in this game just in case, but seems like it will probably happen, even if it needs to be moved to Monday or Tuesday. I don't really have a take on the AB signing, at least not one that will surprise anyone. I don't know why good teams who are strong at receiver like the Seahawks and Bucs are interested in bringing in time bomb wideouts, but I guess injuries are a factor.

Jaguars at Chargers: My second survivor entry went to the Chargers. My son's pick, and he's been doing better than me all along so I can't argue. Jaguars look like a bad team right now, so sure. Their defense is definitely bad and I'm high on healthy Chargers. And the LA defense is healthier now, so maybe. Chargers do have some offensive line issue, but Jacksonville seems unlikely to take advantage. Justin Jackson practiced fully on Friday, should be fine.

49ers at Patriots: Interesting game between Super Bowl hopefuls with mediocre records. Was holding Hasty in my dynasty league since August before dropping him last Sunday and not being able to get him back, sigh. I'd start him, but committee against a good run defense. Tough investing in New England offense at all, even with San Fran defense seemingly a lesser group now. Starting Cam Newton for his running potential, and Deebo and Kittle for the Niners, that's about it.

Kansas City at Broncos: Not sure how to evaluate the Denver defense. They've been good lately, but mostly against bad offenses. I'm still using Mahomes, Tyreek, CEH. Sounds like LeVeon might not play much if at all, saving him to go for 200 against the Jets next week perhaps. For Denver I like Gordon, Fant, maybe Tim Patrick. Kansas City defense against Drew Lock.

Seahawks at Cardinals: Very tough putting together a daily lineup for just this game. So hard to decide which quarterback, wide receiver and running back will be best, and prices make it impossible to use both quarterbacks. Anyhoo, Seahawks are the more seasoned, experienced team, Cardinals the upstarts in the NFC West. Should be a great one to watch, and I think generally you're using key starters from both.

Bears at Rams: This one has 19-16 battle of field goals written all over it. There are some injury worries for the Rams, with both Robert Woods and Darrell Henderson missing practice time. Need to see what they do today before considering either one. Either way, tough matchup for Rams passing game and Bears offense, period. I'd like to use Henderson and will be using Montgomery and probably Kupp and Robinson, but definitely a matchup that's not so good. Lower-scoring I think, which can be used to break ties.

Enjoy the games.