Tennessee moved Ryan Tannehill into the starting lineup, and he was one of the big surprise stories of 2019. As we move the halfway point of this season, it doesn’t look like he’ll be regressing anytime soon.

The Tennessee version of Tannehill is simply a lot better than what we saw in Miami. There are better weapons around him, and he’s a better fit with this system.

Sunday’s game against Pittsburgh was his 16th start in the regular season for Tennessee. That’s a full year’s worth, and the numbers are pretty impressive.

Tannehill is 12-4 as a starter, and he’s finished with a passer rating over 100 in all but four of his starts. He’s averaged 262 passing yards as a starter, with 37 touchdowns versus only 7 interceptions. (He’s also scored 5 rushing touchdowns.)

He’s pretty good, and it makes for a nice offense when you combo him with Derrick Henry and A.J. Brown.

There are issues with that defense, but Tennessee looks like its going to continue to have a top-10 offense.

2019LACW 23-2079%31221120.1
2019T.B.W 27-2364%19330109.8
2019at Car.L 20-3069%3311282.3
2019K.C.W 35-3268%18120133.9
2019Jac.W 42-2078%25920155.8
2019at Ind.W 31-1777%18220131.2
2019at Oak.W 42-2178%39131140.4
2019Hou.L 21-2461%2792192.2
2019N.O.L 28-3863%27230133.6
2019at Hou.W 35-1465%19820130.8
2020at Den.W 16-1467%2492097.9
2020Jac.W 33-3075%23940145.7
2020at Min.W 31-3062%3210178.8
2020Buff.W 42-1675%19530129.3
2020Hou.W 42-3673%36641122.6
2020Pitt.L 24-2760%22020104.9

—Ian Allan