Every Saturday morning, I'll take a quick look at all the week's games, offering my own brief take on what I think will happen, as well as touching on significant injury news since our Weekly came out. I'll check in every so often over the course of the day to answer lineup questions, too.

What follows is a brief look at all the games with how I'd react in my own lineups to injury developments or other news. The official rankings are the ones in the Weekly. Those take precedence. But sometimes players are very close, and in those cases I'm glad to offer opinions on how I'd approach those situations. Sometimes I like certain players more or less than Ian, and sometimes I have different risk tolerance with injuries etc.

Giants at Football Team: Funny to think that although the Eagles are in first place in the NFC East, they have a couple of wins they probably should have lost, while each of these teams have multiple losses that probably should have been wins. I think I'm starting one of these defenses in a couple of different leagues, and Shepard and McLaurin who look like the No. 1 options on each team. Antonio Gibson and maybe a tight end. Don't use Golden Tate in the unlikely event you were considering it, he might be benched (would it be noticeable?) due to social media posts or likes regarding his minimal role.

Bears at Titans: Poor offense versus poor defense, good offense versus good defense. No Adam Humphries, I think that's the only noteworthy (and not very) one. A week to have slightly more interest than usual in Bears starters and slightly less in Titans starters.

Lions at Vikings: The big question on this one is if Matthew Stafford is going to be able. He's on the COVID list and needs to have a couple of clean tests before he can play. The NFL doesn't care if it's Chase Daniel out there. Personally I'd much rather use Marvin Jones or T.J. Hockenson if it's Stafford throwing to them, but we won't know for sure until tomorrow. No Kenny Golladay. Vikings are healthy facing a mediocre defense, fine with Thielen and Jefferson, while acknowledging they won't do much if Dalvin Cook has another big day.

Panthers at Kansas City: Christian McCaffrey returns, and although we've been burned lately starting guys immediately off injury (Goedert, Reed), I think if you have McCaffrey you're starting him -- should be fine for his usual role. Carolina weaker against the run and should be good situation for Edwards-Helaire lone question how much work Bell gets. I don't expect Sammy Watkins to play but wouldn't want to use any receivers but Hill/Kelce regardless.

Texans at Jaguars: Neither defense is very good. Problem for Jacksonville is they're starting a complete unknown at quarterback in Jake Luton (who I picked up in dynasty because, hey, what the heck). But both running backs look very good here, and the various Houston wide receivers. Jacksonville wide receivers, well, would rather make sure Luton can play before using any of them. Jordan Akins should return and I thought he was putting up some viable numbers in TE-premium leagues before getting hurt, so I'd consider him (and in fact am using him in a flex spot, hopeful he'll make up for the Jordan Reed dud).

Ravens at Colts: Big AFC game. I don't want to overrate the Ravens defense, but I am a little worried about how this matchup will go for statuesque (not in a good way) Philip Rivers. Was also talking with a Ravens fan this week who pointed out that Baltimore played like crap last week against Pittsburgh, including the pick six and a red zone turnover, and was still just a final play end-zone break up from winning. No T.Y. Hilton and no Mark Ingram (who I assume everyone has dropped anyway). Both teams might/will use running back committee and both defenses are really good.

Seahawks at Bills: Will it be early-season Buffalo or the more recent vintage? Writing this one it struck me that Buffalo's 6-2 record is helped considerably by playing the Jets twice, and their win over the Rams that included a suspect penalty flag. Seattle defense gets Jamal Adams back but still won't necessarily be much good. I think you use regular starters from both teams, including DeeJay Dallas, with both Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde ruled out. (BTW, there's your evidence for never trusting injury reports from Seattle. Last week Carson and Hyde were gametime decisions. This week they're ruled out on Friday -- so, a downgrade for both players from a week earlier, despite them having neither practiced nor played in that time. Do injuries get worse without being tested? Or, far more likely, were they just never even close to being able to play last week.) I expect Travis Homer to be unusable in a third-down, secondary type of role.

Broncos at Falcons: Ay, Super Bowl XXXIII rematch! Makes sense to put Denver passing game a little bit higher and Falcons offense a little bit lower. Not that Denver has a shutdown defense, but it's pretty good. Falcons won't have Calvin Ridley, so it should be mostly Julio, Gage and Hurst. I think Phillip Lindsay will at least try and play, but would stick to using Gordon. Tim Patrick should play but I'm wary of him too. Noah Fant seems the better bet for top pass catcher.

Raiders at Chargers: Might be some wind in this one, worth mentioning because of the way it negatively affected passing games in the Raiders game with Cleveland last week. And tough to be sure which Raiders receivers will be best besides Darren Waller anyway. For the Chargers, Herbert and Allen look best, Henry and Mike Williams secondary, and Justin Jackson the best running back. Josh Jacobs is questionable with a knee injury and should be good to go, but gotta check the inactives just to be sure.

Steelers at Cowboys: Am using the Steelers as my Survivor Pool entry because if you can't trust an undefeated team against a lousy one starting a fourth-string quarterback, what can you trust. Thumbs up on Steelers, though I'm personally weary of starting Diontae Johnson and having him limp off, so I'm benching him, which probably means he'll have a good game. Ezekiel Elliott is likely playing but maybe will be limited, it's not that hard to look for ways to bench a guy who hasn't scored since Dak Prescott got hurt. I have no great interest in any Dallas receivers with Garrett Gilbert or Cooper Rush starting. Question, why does Dallas need to mull whether to start Rush (added off the street to the practice squad just a couple of weeks ago) or Gilbert (who was the team's No. 2 quarterback LAST WEEK)? Like...doesn't having him as the No. 2 suggest he'd start if the No. 1 gets benched? Or maybe Gilbert is really good at holding a clipboard.

Dolphins at Cardinals: No Kenyan Drake, Myles Gaskin, Matt Breida. Dolphins running backs old and new will be sidelined this week. If you present to me any choices involving the Miami committee of Howard-Laird-Ahmed-Kelly, my answer will be the other guy. Guar-an-teed. I'd consider Parker and to a lesser extent Gesicki, Miami will have to pass more this week. For Arizona, you know, Murray-Edmonds-Hopkins-Kirk.

Saints at Bucs: Doesn't it feel like the Bucs-Giants game just ended? Oh I know why, because Tuesday through Friday blended together into one big long day. It's been a week, and daylight savings has been especially rough on our household (dogs not handling it well) this year. Oh yeah, Saints-Bucs. Big game especially for Tampa Bay, since they lost the first meeting (not too shrewd by the NFL scheduling both Bucs-Saints games in the first nine weeks). Chris Godwin should play and I'm using him. Evans and Gronk and Brady too, Saints pass defense not so good. Saints have both Brees and Thomas listed as questionable. Both are expected to play, but with a tough matchup I'm wary of Brees and with Thomas having such a lost season he's not the slam-dunk he was at the start of the year. Should be a good game at least. Bucs running back committee tough to feel good about.

Patriots at Jets: How fitting would the Jets getting their first and only win here, against New England be? Probably won't happen, but fun to think about. Not sure why else to watch this eyesore. Avoid Jets if you can, that includes banged-up Jamison Crowder -- can't count on him playing, and since it's a Monday game you'd need to have an alternate in this one if he winds up inactive. For Patriots it's a running back committee, as per usual, where you're taking a risk no matter who you start. Jakobi Meyers is my favorite Patriots receiver. But it's a low bar.

Enjoy the games.