The Packers host the Rams in the first Divisional Round game this weekend, with Davante Adams versus Jalen Ramsey one of the key matchups. Los Angeles allowed just 7 touchdowns to wide receivers this season, 3 fewer than any other team, while Adams scored 18 touchdowns, 3 more than any other wideout. Something has got to give.

Key to this defense is of course All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey, who shut down plenty of top wide receivers over the course of the season (and his career). But we also just saw DK Metcalf catch 2 TDs against the Rams. One was on a broken play where Russell Wilson seemed to be running it, and the other was deep in garbage-time (30-13 with 3 minutes left). But whatever, Metcalf proved it's possible.

His other two games against Ramsey, though, weren't as good. Here are the game-by-game numbers of No. 1 wideouts versus Ramsey this season, including last week. About a third of those guys scored. Only three of them put up more than 70 receiving yards.

Cooper, Dall.1410810
Jackson, Phil.96640
Diggs, Buff.64491
Slayton, NYG73480
McLaurin, Wash.73260
Samuel, S.F.66661
Robinson, Chi.44700
Parker, Mia.2131
Metcalf, Sea.42280
Evans, T.B.95491
Samuel, S.F.13111330
Hopkins, Ariz.138521
Meyers, N.E.54470
Crowder, NYJ86660
Metcalf, Sea.86590
Hopkins, Ariz.104350
Metcalf, Sea.115962

Some notes on this table. Ramsey wasn't necessarily covering these players at all times. Maybe not at all, in some cases, on teams with multiple No. 1 type wideouts (Tampa Bay) or none (Patriots, Jets). Many of these wide receivers aren't nearly as good as Adams, and few of them have a quarterback that can touch Aaron Rodgers, especially with the level he's playing at this season. Ramsey also missed a large chunk of the best game by an opponent, when Deebo Samuel went for 133 yards.

I have Adams in a couple of playoff leagues, and I'll be starting him this week, but it's definitely a matchup where he might be outperformed by a couple of other wide receivers -- Tyreek Hill, as a for instance, and maybe someone in the New Orleans-Tampa Bay game, as well.

--Andy Richardson