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Saints quarterbacks

Brees/Winston: passing inside the 10

I think it’s around the goal line where the Saints will miss Drew Brees the most. It’s in that part of the field where accuracy, timing and decision making become the most important. Brees in that regard is one of the best ever, while what they’re going to now is unproven at best.

Consider, for example, passing inside the 10 over the last four seasons. On this one, I’m including 2-point conversion plays, which is why you see “EZ” (end zone) rather than simply touchdowns – that column includes successful 2-point conversions.

Brees in that part of the field has been the league’s best, completing 70 percent of his passes. One of the quarterbacks who might replace him, Jameis Winston, meanwhile shows up tied for last on this list. Both he and Joe Flacco has completed only 38 of their last 82 passes in that part of the field.

List includes all quarterbacks with at least 80 pass plays.

Winston, of course, won’t necessarily even be New Orleans’ starter. They’ve also got Taysom Hill. But whichever guy (or combination of guys) they have under center, I’m not expecting Brees-type passing efficiency.

PASSING INSIDE 10 (last 4 yrs)
Drew Brees8311969.7%4914
Carson Wentz7310867.6%5915
Aaron Rodgers8813764.2%6223
Josh Allen477761.0%3205
Lamar Jackson447360.3%3607
Kyler Murray467859.0%2923
Jared Goff8514558.6%5933
Russell Wilson9216057.5%7243
Patrick Mahomes7112457.3%5027
Philip Rivers8615555.5%5436
Ben Roethlisberger6912953.5%4943
Mitchell Trubisky6111652.6%4032
Deshaun Watson6813052.3%4617
Derek Carr8215752.2%5022
Matt Ryan8015950.3%61411
Andy Dalton5410850.0%4017
Tom Brady8817849.4%64110
Kirk Cousins6813849.3%5828
Dak Prescott479748.5%2937
Baker Mayfield5711848.3%4334
Matthew Stafford5812147.9%44110
Ryan Fitzpatrick398247.6%3215
Case Keenum428947.2%2634
Joe Flacco388246.3%2422
Jameis Winston388246.3%3126

—Ian Allan

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