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Jaguars officially sign former quarterback

Jacksonville has officially signed 33-year-old former quarterback Tim Tebow, and plans to use him at tight end. Probably; Urban Meyer might also envision using him as a goal-line runner or maybe short-yardage quarterback. Or in public relations. Tebow obviously has his fans in the area, after winning 2 national championships with the Florida Gators.

The idea of a former quarterback and most recently, baseball player having a viable role as a tight end at a fairly advanced age for an NFL player is a little nuts, and not filling anyone with confidence about the Meyer Era in Jacksonville. But in fairness, it's not as if Tebow needs to beat out Travis Kelce, either.

Over the last 10 years, Jacksonville has exactly two tight ends finish in the top 20 at their position (PPR). Even those guys were more than five years ago. In the last three seasons, their-performing tight ends ranked 28th, 45th and 46th at the position. Which means that in two of the last three years, about half the league's teams had 2 tight ends more valuable in fantasy leagues than Jacksonville's best player.

2012Marcedes Lewis77525404130.018
2015Julius Thomas80464555121.519
2017Marcedes Lewis4824318587.825
2020Tyler Eifert6036349282.928
2013Marcedes Lewis4725359484.930
2011Marcedes Lewis8539460085.030
2016Julius Thomas5130281482.132
2014Clay Harbor3526289160.937
2013Clay Harbor3524292265.243
2014Marcedes Lewis3118206250.644
2020James O'Shaughnessy3828262054.245
2018James O'Shaughnessy3824214045.445
2019James O'Shaughnessy2014153241.346
2016Marcedes Lewis3020169142.947
2016Ben Koyack2419161141.148
2015Marcedes Lewis3716226038.649
2015Clay Harbor2014149136.951
2017James O'Shaughnessy2414149134.957

In the player database, Tebow is one of the most added players in recent weeks. That's of course because the guy has been out of the league for years and was on zero percent of the rosters; now he's worked his way up to 6 percent. In any case, unlikely though it may seem, Tebow could potentially be a factor this season, especially in TD-only leagues. It's not like there's much standing in his way in Jacksonville.

--Andy Richardson

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