Reports suggest Seattle has joined the hunt for Julio Jones. One online oddsmaker has even made the Seahawks to favorites (for those who like to bet on such things). That could make some fans of that team to say, “here we go again.”

Seattle has made a lot of high-profile moves for star pass catchers, and they haven’t tended to turn out well. Most recently, they gave Greg Olsen a big contract last year. Previous they made big trades for Jimmy Graham, Percy Harvin and Deion Branch.

In the Pete Carroll era (since 2010), they mad 11 notable moves to add pass catchers. Only one of those players ranked higher than 40th at his position in his first season in Seattle. That was Graham, who clocked in as the 20th tight end in the 2015 season (and 20th at his position for Graham was a big disappointment).

If Julio Jones were to land in Seattle, I would expect him to be a modest contributor. They’ve got a pair of really good wide receivers, and I wouldn’t think Jones would outperform either of them.

In this chart below, you’re looking at the first season for each player after leaving his previous team. The first two (Deion Branch, T.J. Houshmandzadeh) were added before Pete Carroll and John Scheider got there, but those are notable names, so I included them in the list.

2006WR Deion BranchN.E.537254152.537
2009WR T.J. HoushmandzadehCin.799113188.125
2010WR Mike WilliamsOak.657512152.141
2010WR Brandon StokleyDen.31354066.491
2011TE Zach MillerOak.25233048.344
2011WR Sidney RiceMin.32484295.574
2013WR Percy HarvinMin.11702.7182
2014TE Tony MoeakiK.C.8134127.460
2015TE Jimmy GrahamN.O.486052120.520
2018TE Ed DicksonCar.12143345.246
2018WR Jaron BrownAriz.14166560.6108
2018WR Brandon MarshallNYG11136130.6144
2020TE Greg OlsenCar.24239153.946

—Ian Allan